Photo-A-Day #686 02/23/07

The Gang at Don Pablos

Another meal at another restaurant and guess what, another fountain. So when we saw another fountain in Don Pablos I has everyone that was there stand around it for today’s photo. Don Pablos is a decent Mexican restaurant that has many different meals and tons of types of margaritas.

The dinner was pretty decent. Today was a long day of demonstrations. I got to see a scripted demonstration and it was fun to watch, probably because I was not part of the scripted part, because if I was I would have been sweating like crazy with nerves. So tonight is Friday and I am in Pittsburgh, but not because my flight was delayed or canceled or anything. I’m actually going to fly home tomorrow.

I just saw an ad for a pregnancy test for Clear Blue easy. One of the lines, I kid you not, was “This is the most advanced piece of technology you will ever pee on.” Well, it is telling it like it is. I had to laugh when I heard it.

On Flatwater today I posted about some interesting Wii news. And Yesterday I posted about a parody of the TV show Heroes. I’ve also started posting things on The Wired Kayaker.

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