Photo-A-Day #691 02/28/07

Rancho Chico Horses and Sombrero

Tonight Allison and I went to Rancho Chico with my sister Tara, Erik and Dad. Erik is heading back ti India on Friday so we wanted to spend a night out at dinner with him before he left. I snapped this picture of the decor on the way out.

So today I bought two domains. I bought and Now don’t go click on because it doesn’t work. I signed up for a BlogSpot*Plus account back in 2003 and when Blogger became the new blogger and I moved my BlogSpot*Plus to the new blogger I lost the ability to link it to a custom domain. The wiredkayaker blog had no problem becoming in fact it was really easy.

I bought the domains because PayPerPost has started allowing segmentation for their advertisers and for some reason advertisers are very anti and I am getting segmented out of some high paying opportunities. I have worked very hard for 4 years to get this blog good shape and don’t want to lose my pagerank. If I can add the custom domain to my account I think that should take care of the issue but Blogger has domain-blocked my account and the accounts of anyone who signed up for a BlogSpot*Plus account.

I searched for reasons for this and what I found was the Blogger Help Forum and it stated:

Unfortunately currently there is a limitation that plus blogs cannot
be converted to be served from a custom domain.

Great, now what am I supposed to do. I just bought a domain and have nowhere to point it and if I buy hosting then I lose my PageRank and everyone who links to me now has to change their links. What a hassle.

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