Photo-A-Day #714 03/23/07

Nachos, pre melt

I made myself some nachos tonight for dinner. One small tray of 12 nachos. Each one was made from a Tostitos scoops with a spoonful of salsa and a sprinkling of cheese. I then popped them in the toaster over for one cycle of Top Brown only. And the next thing I knew I had some tasty treats.

The after shot of the Nachos is equally delicious.

Nacos, Post Melt

Tonight I worked on many things for the blog. Many things that are behind the scenes. I signed up for Twitter because Kevin asked me to give it a shot, so in addition to knowing what I am up to with this blog, but now you can know when I am eating a sandwich in real time rather than waiting till I blog a detailed recap of the latest food foray. That one was for you Andy.

I have gone out set up a new Feedburner feed. It should be pretty sweet. I love Feedburner and love to see the number jump up as there are new readers. The best I ever got with the old BenSpark was 12 people. I would really love to see 12 people on my Feedburner each day. So please sign up or even sign up for the e-mail of Feedburner. You can do that under My Bio page. I still need to write My Bio.

I have also added a SpringWidget to The Old BenSpark. That way when new folks come to the old site they can see what new things are happening at this blog. I also added an animated Feedburner image to my profiles and signature for the three forums that I post to regularly. That would be The YHT Forum, The PayPerPost Forum and the forum I moderate, FuelMyBlog Forum. I also have a Forum for this blog called The BenSpark Forum, but it doesn’t allow signatures.

I am also going through and asking people who are hosting my Photo-A-Day on their site if they would change their links from the old Benspark to the new Benspark.

I discovered tonight that with my Viewsonic VX2245 Monitor I can pop my iPod into the special cradle and play the iPod through my monitor speakers. I know I can do that through iTunes also but I though it was a novel discovery.

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