Photo-A-Day #718 03/27/07

No Hockey Sticks

Happy Birthday to my sister, Tara!

I am in Grand Rapids, MN tonight. I had a demo this afternoon and then I met up with another demonstrator named Katie who flew in from Boston today. We rode together to our next site. I pretty much talked her ear off the entire way to Grand Rapids. She is now reading this blog. Well, maybe not right now but she’s begun reading it.

The photo is on the door to the hotel I am staying at tonight. I have never seen a sign like this before. I looked around and there wasn’t an abundance of people carrying hockey sticks in the area. So I wonder what prompted the need to have this sign added to the door. And there is not just one sign there are two. So apparently hockey sticks are a big problem in this area.

X-Rated Fusion Margarita

This is an X-Rated Fusion Margarita. I saw this on the menu and because I had posted about it in the past for PayPerPost I needed to check it out. It was pretty tasty and it came with hazelnuts in the drink. That was the weirdest thing I have seen. But the hazelnuts float and they are tasty, so I enjoyed the drink.

The Sawmill

Dinner was at the Sawmill. It was decent, nothing quite special but they did have some delicious pop-overs.

On the ride from Duluth to Grand Rapids I saw a Harley Davidson shop and was in mid sentence when I said, I have to stop here and pulled in to get my pin. Katie had not been in a Harley shop before and I wonder how she liked the experience. We had a rather talkative woman wait on us. She was interesting and talked about how she causes a mess wherever she goes.

I’ve been setting up for tomorrow’s demo. It looks to be a tough one. So I had to re-familiarize myself with an other version of our software. So this will be interesting tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow night I will be able to continue to post some of my old stuff from the original BenSpark.

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4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #718 03/27/07”

  1. Drew you are in MN they love hockey out there. It is not like here were we a passionate about nothing. You need the signs, or course they don’t work anyway.

    Next time you go skiing watch how many morons being their skis into the lodge right past the signs. Someday I am going to snap when one of those idiots turns around and hits me in the head. Instead of being polite and say don’t worry I’m ok and suggesting they leave the skis outside. I am going to throw a spinning back fist. When the hit the floor I am going to stand over them and call them and idiot. Then I will give a menacing look to the other guy (idiots travel in pairs) and tell him he is next.

    If society were not so soft all of these people would be dead. Life it too easy we don’t have anything to weed out the weak and stupid.

    I think we need a few man eating lions or something running around the streets to thin out our herd.

  2. I actually have seen a sign like that once. I had gone with Mike to a model railroad convention out in Marlborough, and they were having a youth hockey convention there at the same time. So yeah, they had these signs, and they must have worked, because we didn’t see any hockey sticks the whole time we were there. But perhaps it has been a problem before, if they hold this comvention there every year.

    Why would they WANT to bring in hockey sticks (or skis) is beyond me…it’s not like you can use them inside the hotel (or ski lodge)!

    I bet this was a group of kids at this hotel…you know how they can get. This reminds me of the time we went to a minor league ball game, and they were giving out full-sized wooden bats to all of the kids. But what they did was NOT hand out the bats as they were walking in…they handed them vouchers, which they could redeem for the bat on the way out. Makes perfect sense to me, because they just KNEW that the kids would be swinging the bats around inside the ballpark, and maybe hurt someone.

    As it was, I nearly got clipped a few times by this kid in front of me, as we were walking out to the parking lot. He was swinging the bat as he walked, and not paying attention to anyone around him. At least his father made him stop after I yelled, *HEY! WATCH IT!*


    I want one of those margarita’s-can you smuggle one “to go” for me??

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