Photo-A-Day #754 05/02/07

Cat Stretch

Sometimes I wish I could stretch like Oliver can. Well it is going to be a short post for me tonight. I did quite a few posts on my other blogs and you can visit them at Flatwater Tech (I have Joost Invites for you) and BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo. I still haven’t gotten much up on The Wired Kayaker and need to start pumping that site up with good content. A bonus picture after the more.

Here was the scene I captured when I got home.

Photo-A-Day #754b 05/02/07

Oliver and Duncan are usually not allowed in our bedroom but we had to close off the old bedroom and now they have their run of the place till I can get the new living room painted. I sanded and washed the walls and should be ready for priming the molding tomorrow. I also took Friday off so I could prime the walls. Hopefully we can get the whole thing finished this weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #754 05/02/07”

  1. Years ago, I saw an article in Cat Fancy magazine about how cats can stretch and even sleep in weird positions, and still be comfortable. You know how sometimes, you see a cat sleeping in such a way, and you think, *man, that kitty’s gonna hurt when he wakes up!*

    Nope. The article had diagrams comparing a human skeleton to that of a cat’s, and how the cat can bend more than the human…and it doesn’t hurt.

    Sometimes, I wanna be a cat. Especially when I see how they get to laze around all day!

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