Photo-A-Day #782 05/30/07

Obligatory Bow Shot

This image is what is becoming known as the “obligatory bow shot”. It seems that whenever I am kayaking I take a shot of the bow of the boat and the horizon. So now I intentionally take one each time I go kayaking.

Kayaking is the theme this week and I intend to go every day up up till Sunday. And then maybe Monday but maybe not. I went to Hopkinton State Park today. That was after I stopped at REI and picked up a Lasso security system for my kayak. I also picked up a waterproof bag for my canon camera and I took many pictures with mixed results. The Photo-A-Day and this bonus shot were the two best out of the bunch.

Photo-A-Day #782b 05/30/07

I will be reviewing the products on The Wired Kayaker within the next couple of days. I have more raw files for another podcast but I am going to give it a little time before I put up the next one.

Speaking of the Wired Kayaker 1st Podcast, I was contacted today by a reporter from our local paper who is doing a story on YouTube and he found my 1st Wired Kayaker Podcast and asked if he could interview me for the piece. Wow, I am shocked and amazed at how quickly I was asked to do something like that. Timing must have been right. If you haven’t yet watched the Wired Kayaker 1st Podcast and the outtakes please do and let me know what you think of them.

Allison and I bought a rug for the dining room today, next we pick a wall color.

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6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #782 05/30/07”

  1. It’s been a good day for blogger publicity, huh? You got a request for a newspaper interview, and I’m probably gonna be on an internet radio show tomorrow (for at least 5-10 minutes) I spilled on the Fuel forums and will do so on Ailurophile, just not on FenwayFaithful ’til it happens. It was via the baseball blog that they guy found me.

    I left a comment on WiredKayaker, but wanted to say again that I really enjoyed the first podcast, and am looking forward to more! Keep on paddling!

  2. I like to travel and take pictures of the places I visit. And I’ve been thinking about kayaking on my next trip so your photo caught my attention. Pretty cool – being able to paddle and take pictures, too.

    Have you got pictures of Morocco? I just got back from my trip there and I had so much fun 🙂

  3. That is pretty awesome Christine. I am excited for you and the radio interview. I got the comment on The Wired Kayaker, unfortunately it is a blogger blog and responding to the comments isn’t as easy as it is on WordPress. If Kayaker gains in popularity I will have to move it to WordPress.

  4. Hi Racquel,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you liked the photos. I have never been to Morocco, except at Epcot. And I have no pictures from there. I will have to check out your blog and see what your photos look like.

  5. Nifty shots. I especially like that you’re caught in the camera on the bow.
    I haven’t been kayaking since we left England…I’ve been slacking on blog-reading lately because of my own site work. Will have to check out the podcast! Congrats on the interview!

  6. Thanks ami-chan,
    I liked that one too, thought it made a decent PAD. I love that I got to go on the water 4 times this week. And the interview was cool. I had the photo shoot today. So I am psyched to see how it turns out.

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