Photo-A-Day #783 05/31/07


Fitting that the last Photo-A-Day for this May would be a “May” Flower. This beauty bloomed the other day and it is a real eye catcher. I love the variety of flowers that my sister has planted around the house. Each day a new one comes up and I am amazed at the colors and beauty of the individual flowers.

Today I did not Kayak, I wanted to but the weather didn’t look so hot. I did however find a new place to kayak, the Ponkapog Pond. There is a nice little beach to put in your boat, it has parking for cars that have car top boats (kayaks and canoes and the like).

I spoke with the reporter from the Sun Chronicle this afternoon about my blogs, the Wired Kayaker Podcast and kayaking. Through talking with him I was sparked by additional ideas for the podcast. Tomorrow I am getting my picture taken for the newspaper with my wired kayaker gear. I’m looking forward to it.

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