Photo-A-Day #787 06/04/07

Canon Family

Today Allison and I went to the Dr. to see the baby. You know, with an ultrasound. This was the first appointment I have been able to make and I was so happy I was able to go. We saw and heard the heartbeat. And could make out plenty of baby features. We did not find out the sex and the baby wasn’t cooperate anyway so that was cool. Allison wants to know but I do not. I want a surprise. Guess the baby decided for us. Allison has a contest up on her blog, a baby Pool.

Today is also a day that I have been waiting for for about 2 weeks. Today was the launch of BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest. I am so excited that it is finally here. I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with Kristin from Soda-Club since May 17th about this contest and today it has finally launched. Don’t know about BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest, reader click the link and educate thyself.

So today I posted the contest along with my Macro Monday stuff, the Magnetic Monday Musings (Still haven’t put up my musing) and I am going to start each Monday with Click and Comment Monday as well. So Mondays will be busy.

This afternoon my good friend and blog reader Meghan (she commented once 🙂 ) came over because I am her tech guru. That is what she calls me, not what I call myself. Meghan is going on a wicked cool trip camping for two weeks and she needed some advice on a camera to take with her. She wanted something that took AA batteries, was a good camera, rugged, and small enough and light enough for her pack. I directed her to the Canon family of cameras. Today’s photo is of the little Canon family we have going as well as the newest member, Meghan’s S560. We talked all the way to and from Best buy and caught back up. It is so very cool to catch back up with Meghan, we can always talk about all the things going on in our lives. We were deep into conversations at the same time as we were looking at the cameras, I think we annoyed the kid who was ringing her up.

While we were there I also showed Meghan around the external hard drive section and I am kicking myself for not buying a Seagate Free Agent. I could have gotten 2-3 times the space for what I paid for my external hard drive and now with podcasts galore I need the space. Oh well, live and learn. I also checked out some photography equipment and both Allison and Meghan encouraged me to pursue my side project of possibly doing wedding photography once and a while. Or Photographer was awesome and he did the weddings with a digital camera, not even an SLR and his stuff was awesome. I just need to get up the courage to go and try it. So who knows. Maybe.

Also today I was blog of the day for FuelMyBlog and tomorrow I am going to post up my Tech Tuesday with BenSpark Post for the FMB blog. So things have been busy.

Here is a bonus PAD of Duncan.

Photo-A-Day #787b 06/04/07

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14 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #787 06/04/07”

  1. Yeah, I made the blog, I feel famous! I like the photo of our Canon cameras! That came out great! Drew, you’re the best. Thanks for your advice on picking out a camera and the accompanying items! It was so fun to catch up with you and Allison, she looks fabulous, by the way! Thanks again for everything. It is very true, you are the best tech advisor one could have!! Let’s get together more often, instead of once a year! Okay, take care. Meghan

  2. Copywriter, you are everywhere on my blogs today. thanks, the ultrasound was very cool, hearing the heartbeat was incredible.

  3. Ah, ultrasounds! Those were so cool when we had them done. Our munchkin wasn’t cooperative at first with ours we wound up staying there a little extra and rolling him around a lot…

  4. Don’t let me wife know that rolling the kid around could have given us the gender, I was happy that the baby was a little camera shy. Try your hand at the Baby Pool we have going, there will be a contest and prize for the person closest to to the actual numbers.

  5. a) baby news is awesome!!! i’m so excited you guys had a good dr. visit…and shocked you didn’t sneak in a camera to video tape it! haa! i’m kidding…allison is going to kill me for even suggesting it!!

    2) i like the camera cases y’all have…i’m not sure if you know this but you both influenced ME to join the canon camera club…and i have an sd630…and i like it!! where did you get the cases? also, have you looked into the waterproof cases that are available…if so…what are your thoughts?

    d) back to baby Benspark…i’m glad you are trying to keep the gender a surprise…i think it’s more fun that way!!!

  6. Hey Mo, I forgot that you picked up a Canon as well.We’ll have to add you to the Canon Family too. :-).

    I had my camera with me, but didn’t think it was appropriate.

    I would love a waterproof camera case from canon. I want one. I should have one because of the Podcast but need to save me some PPP green to buy one. 🙂

    The cases that I got were through They were LowePro Ridge 10s. Lowepro makes a great line of inexpensive cases. Meghan’s is a Ridge 30. I have links to them in my post from Photo-A-Day #673

  7. Thanks!! Though you forgetting me might give me a complex! Just kidding…I’m unforgettable!! Ha!

    I looked at that store…but ended up going to a different one. I got this one in pink because I’m a geek! And then this because I’m a clumsy geek and somehow already managed to get a scratch on the thing! I like that it has an lcd screen protector because the lcd makes me nervous. Check me out all taking care of my stuff! Silly!

    Have a great weekend! Thanks again!!

  8. Nice camera cases. And the camera condom is an interesting item. That is what it looks like. Where is your Soda Club Entry? Have you been using your machine?

  9. Haaa!! I’m very happy I didn’t get the white one now!! I have a jonnie for my camera…nice!!

    I am planning on entering…I’ve been crazy busy with work (SERIOUSLY!!)…but you will see me enter!! I have a thing tonight, a wedding tomorrow, friends coming up on Sunday…it just never seems to end!! I will get to it though!

    I have not used it…and here’s why…I’ve ordered bottles twice and for some reason they don’t come to my house. I’m pretty sure they are being delivered and for some reason…stolen off my porch. I have more on order, but to be delivered to an undisclosed location! I’ll keep you posted!!

  10. Stolen! That sucks, and is bad karma, stealing is bad karma. I can’t believe someone would steal your bottles. Did you place the orders through my affiliate links? I hope you did, that was a condition of the soda maker. Stolen, man that is awful.

    Well you have till next Friday to enter. I know it will be a good one.

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