Photo-A-Day #789 06/06/07

I understand that today I uploaded a bunch of Peace Globes (one for each of my blogs) and my photo today is of a robot from a warring faction of an alien species. And on a day when we are posting messages about peace, why would I also post about a war. Well despite it all, I believe that the Autobots stand for peace, they always have. Optimus Prime stands for peace and he fights for that, “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings” is his motto. Yes I do believe that sometimes you do have to fight for peace when it is called for. But I’m not going to go get too political. Peace is the ultimate goal for today.

There has been an explosion of Transformers toys that hit the shelves this past Saturday. And my favorite ones are the called Robot Heroes, they are G1 themed, so they are your favorite classic characters from 1984. They are posable and very colorful. So far I have seen about 8 packs out right now. And Walmart has a special edition pack based on the 2nd episode of the cartoon series. It comes with 5 figures. I am excited to collect these and have them when my kids are ready to play with them.

I did not get out and kayak today. I am annoyed at that. I have been carting my kayak back and forth to work each day and have not gone since Sunday. I am working on a big script for a demo next week. I’m heading to the land up north. This is my first time back in Canada is quite a while, at least 3 years. I used to go to Vancouver like it was next door. I was there when they filmed the first Fantastic Four movie, still kicking myself for not going downtown to see it being filmed.

I received 2 more entries in the BenSpark’s Refreshing Soda-Club Contest. Autumn of Autumn’s Space and Loretta of Just Not Martha have made some really nice posts for the contest. I wish them luck.

I am only about 20 more days till I get to see the Transformer’s movie 2 times 6 days before it is released. I am so excited. Now I hear that there is going to be a live action Thundercats movie! Awesome! If it is as good as the comics that were released last year I think it is going to be great. Allison already said that we have to go see it.

I also want to say that Scott from Wallhogs BIG blog is my linking friend of the day. He linked me on the WallHogs BIG blog and his own blog ScottPot.

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