Photo-A-Day #814 07/01/07

Movie Jazz Repaint

Today was the end of BotCon 2007. I have to say I had so much more fun at the 2007 Convention than I had at the 2003 convention. Much of that had to do with seeing the movie, and much more of that had to do with my confidence in approaching new people and talking to them. I met some very nice folks while I was at the Convention. I also made up some BenSpark cards to give to people that I met. My networking skills are improving and I am happy about that.

Today was filled with good news ahead from Hasbro. Ryan from was updating throughout the panel and so I will refer you to his Recap of the Hasbro Panel for the details. All I have to say is that I cannot wait for the new cartoon, new figures and the continuation of the Classics line. I left a little ways into the questions. Sometimes they are just irritating.

One really cool non Transformers thing today was I got to use and Airblade in the Men’s Room of the Providence Place Mall. An Airblade is a new hand dryer from Dyson. This is incredible and I want one for my own personal use.

Photo-A-Day #814b 07/01/07

So today was a good day and the Convention was great. I made some new friends and got a bunch of great toys and pictures. I look forward to going to another in a few more years. I just can’t afford hitting these conventions year after year because of the wallet strain.

As far as the movie, see it in the theater, it is more than worth your money. Also make sure you stay through the credits. This is a tactic that has become big over the past few years and the waiting is worth it as well.

Be Sure to stop by tomorrow and find out about the July Contest that I am running.

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4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #814 07/01/07”

  1. Good to hear about your improving confidence! Networking is tough, but if you force yourself to speak to a certain number of people each event, it becomes second nature

  2. I just started visiting your blog last week, but i really enjoy it! very different and interesting, compared to most blogs. i really enjoy the pic of the day!

  3. Thanks Diana, I just launched my second contest and am looking for people to participate, it is very easy. And thanks for dropping by and reading this blog, I really appreciate that as well as you hosting my Photo-A-Day. I haven’t forgotten about writing a post about your blog. I will do that very soon.

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