Photo-A-Day #886 09/11/07

The dreary weather seems appropriate for the mood of the day. I’m not going to go into depth or a political tear about the war or whatnot. Many good innocent people died 6 years ago for no good reason. The continued suffering of their friends and family for their losses are devastating. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones. My company lost a very good person who, if 9/11 never happened would most likely be a friend of mine today. She was a wonderful person from all accounts. I started my job 8 days after 9/11. I wanted to be a graphic artist with the company but was hired to travel and teach people about our product instead. I could have refused and taken some other job safe at home but instead embraced traveling in the post 9/11 world. These past 6 years have been aggravating, wonderful and full of opportunity. No way would I have passed it up.

Today;s photo is of that sunflower that a scant few weeks ago was bursting with vibrancy. Now it is almost ugly. I say almost because I still find it a bit beautiful in its own way. And that is what I am holding onto. The possibility of beauty in something ugly.

Today Allison had a close call on the road. As you know the country has been on media overload about bridge safety ever since the collapse of the 35W bridge in Minnesota (I’ve traveled over that in the past). I have been looking at the TV watching the talking heads go on and on about bridge safety and mire it all in politics. My friends call me a liberal because I don’t talk much about politics. The real fact of the matter is that I find nothing useful about politicians. I saw the people in Poli Sci in college and if they are an example of who is going to lead us then we are all in big trouble. Anyway, the news gets wind of bridge collapses and the next thing you know they start the paranoia machine and everyone is too scared even to cross a bridge in that new hovercar let alone walk on one. So I generally push those thoughts right out of my head because it is the paranoia machine at work. I did however take notice tonight when Allison called me on her way home to tell me #1. “She is completely all right and safe” Thank you for stating that first. #2 “I was driving under a bridge and hear a loud bang on the roof of the car.” Yikes. She was driving under a bridge right of 128 onto Route one and a huge chunk of rusty bridge fell onto her car and exploded into shards of rust particles. some th size of walnuts. She pulled over into the AAA parking lot and went up to the door. The folks inside were wary of opening the door because they thought she might be in labor. Anyway she called the police and they came to investigate what happened. Her car has quite a large set of scraps on the roof mere inches from the sunroof.

Photo-A-Day #886b 09/11/07

But the important thing is she is completely fine, a bit shook up but fine none the less.

Today I was able to play more with my Zune. I am going to write up a Tech tuesday about it on FuelMyBlog later, after this post. You can read it at FuelMyBlog’s Blog or Flatwater Tech. I’m getting behind on both FlatWater and The Wired Kayaker and that bugs me. Ever since the death of my video camera I haven’t had the desire to do much on The Wired Kayaker. I need to look into that more.

Something I noticed today, someone stole my posts from BenSpark 2:Electric Boogaloo. They did so in such a blatant way that it is laughable. I’m pissed but it is still laughable that someone took the time to go and steal a bunch of posts and not change a thing about them. You can read about the Virtual Theft at BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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16 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #886 09/11/07”

  1. OMG! I am so glad that Allison and the baby are okay. That is some seriously scary stuff.

    This sort of thing is why I made Mike have a cell phone, although he never really wanted one. And he DID end up needing it.

    Cell phones are evil in so many ways, but when used correctly, they are lifesavers.

    I’m just glad Allison and the baby are okay.

  2. Thanks Christine,
    Allison is doing fine, she was a bit shaken up but in much better state of mind that one would expect from a shock like that. Cell phones can be evil but they can also be very useful. I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without one.

  3. I was a politics major at SAC (it’s politics at SAC, not poli sci) and I have to say the following line in your post is very insulting. “I saw the people in Poli Sci in college and if they are an example of who is going to lead us then we are all in big trouble”. Not cool, at all.

  4. Oh my gosh, Drew, I am so glad she wasn’t hurt. But that’s the kind of thing that you can’t prevent from happening unless you make her stay inside until she has the baby, which I doubt she will go for 🙂

    When I was pregnant with our first, Chris and I carried those push-to-talk cell phones, what are those called? Anyway, that way I could ‘beep’ him if I was going to be late getting home. Ah yes, 1996, the good old days 🙂

  5. I’ve thought of a few ways to respond to this comment.

    a.) I could be a jerk
    b.) I could apologize
    c.) I could ignore it.

    Simply put, that is my opinion of the people I knew who were ‘politics’ majors. Not all of them but some of them. Many of them. I won’t apologize as that is my opinion and I am free to express it, ironic that politics makes that possible.

  6. omg
    Just like in the Big Dig tunnel. Let’s see how long it takes for them to fix it. OH NO they will say it is fine, that they tested, blah blah blah.

    And what if she were in labor? They would’ve bolted the door and run out the back? What the hell is wrong with people?? I guess those warm and fuzzy 9/11 feelings are gone.

    Aaron had his photos stolen from the site. But I failed to ask him how he found out. So how’d you find out?

  7. I found out about the virtual theft because the guy who stole the posts copied them exactly, and one of them had a link to this blog. That way I knew because I can see when someone links to me. So I check out every link that comes in. Adn then I found it.

    I really need to start making my photos with a copyright, but for the most part I post of photos that are of too low resolution for reprinting.

    They did come to the door but I think it was that nervous thing of what to do if she was in labor.

    We got our check from the insurance company but cannot sue the state for the deductible. We’re still looking into what we can do.

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