Photo-A-Day #978 12/12/07

Today was a bit tense for Allison and me. Last week while I was traveling Allison took Eva for her regular check up and the doctor discovered a slight murmur. Well, we are new parents and we were pretty nervous about the whole thing so we made an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist and took Eva there today. Long story short Eva is fine, I could make you wait till the end to tell you. but that is mean. The cardiologist told us that she is perfectly fine it is a natural thing that many babies have and it should work out fine within a few months.

Both the ultrasound tech and the cardiologist wanted to take Eva home with them, so it isn’t just Mr. Fab who is fascinated with her. Watching the ultrasound on Eva was strange because I remember watching ultrasounds OF Eva. Seeing her heart beating and taking up the whole screen was so weird as compared to seeing her little heart beat on Allison’s ultrasounds. Eva was wonderful at the doctor’s too. She didn’t cry until she was hungry and daddy was slow so that is why she cried. Other than that she was a little angel.

When we came home Allison and I watched and episode of Smallville (we are still on season 3) and Allison did some knitting. While she was knitting Oliver crawled into her lap. I reached for my camera, which always sends him flying. But this time he stayed and I captured a nice little moment between Allison and Oliver. The light was poor but again the slightest movement sends him on his way. So today’s December Challenge Photo is of Allison and Oliver.

A quick shout to the many people who are participating in my December contests. There are three more days to enter. Entry takes very little time.

For the Win a GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Lite contest we have Neil Galloway and Dan Gronitz. Trevor Carpenter also blogged about the contest on his blog and Laura Williams blogged about the contest too. Margaret at HoundBlog – Sight Hounds of Kemar’s Weblog blogged about the contest too, I wanted to leave a comment but was unable to do so.

For the Win a Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt contest we have entries from Jenn, Lisa, Mr. Fab and Stephen The Dog. We also had Laura blog about the contest on her blog.

For the Win a Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack we haven’t had a single entry…
Now I know that there are many moms who read this blog and many other folks who read the blog who could use one of these prizes. The entry into the contest is very simple and you have 3 days left to enter. And this contest has been blogged about by Laura, 5 Minutes for Mom and Angela. Several people have expressed interest in this contest but we have no contestants yet. There is still time, please get an entry in by December 15th, thanks.

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22 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #978 12/12/07”

  1. My son Justin was born with a heart murmur. His pediatric cardiologist told us that it would grow together as he got older. It did, but he did have to take antibiotics before going to his dentist visits until he was 12.

    That can be very scary as new parents!

  2. Oh my gosh-I literally started tearing up reading that!! I’m so glad she is ok!!

    PS-I got the Christmas card and she is (of course) perfect!! Peggy said she is “gorgeous.”

    Thank goodness for this blog-I have to keep up with her changes!!

  3. Jules,
    I was very scary before the cardiologist explained everything to us. She was excellent, put us very much at ease. I guess it is much more common than we thought but it is still so very scary.

  4. Glad you guys liked the card. Sorry to scare you, just wanted to relay that she was perfectly fine. Also glad you keep up with the blog. Are you going to enter any of the contests this month. If you win I can send it to your new digs. You are going to have to update your blog more often so we know what is happening with you too.

  5. Hey Lisa, I guess there are many of us in the same boat. We have a 4 month follow up right before my birthday, if it closes by then that would be a great birthday gift.

  6. Somehow I knew you’d have stated your staked claim. Allison says that she goes with Eva and hopes you are as expert a diaper changer as I am.

  7. Hi!
    I just put the widget on I know EVERYTHING! It’s nice.
    I know heart issues can be scary, I’m glad to hear the pedi cardiologist feels she’ll outgrow it. I am always amazed when I watch my son get his ultrasound.
    Come join us for Four Foods on Friday sometime.

  8. Awesome. I am thrilled. Thanks so much. I will add you to my blogroll.
    The ultrasounds was amazing especially in color, very very cool.
    I’ll stop over for Four Food on Friday sometime too. Thanks

  9. Hi BenSparks, thank goodness Eva is healthy and the doctors found nothing 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind but I found a typo and thought I’d pass it along for correction. You wrote:

    … end to till you …


    … end to tell you …

    Wishing Allison, Eva, you, and the rest of the gang a very Merry Christmas!


  10. Hi Drew!
    So glad to hear that Eva is in good health. Having five children myself I totally understand the angst felt when one is not feeling well, or when examinations find suspicious results. My youngest just experienced such an event followed by an ultrasound to determine that the suspicious mass as a simple fluid filled cyst. Still the not knowing and the wait for results can be unnerving for everyone.
    That said, all of us here wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and may you all enjoy your first Christmas with Eva!

  11. Leigh, thanks very much, my wife used to go back through my blog and fix those silly typos that I end up with when I type super fast. I appreciate the well wishes too.

  12. Susan,
    I am glad your youngest is okay. Thanks very much for the Christmas wishes. I hope that you and your family have a merry Christmas as well.

  13. Aw Drew! I’m sorry you and Allison had to go through that. I’m glad it was found to be a normal thing. It doesn’t seem too normal when it is your child does it!

    Now, enjoy your Christmas!

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