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Plastic, I have little plastic heroes running rampant all over the place. This is Ultra Magnus. He wears a mask on his head, his real head looks like that of Optimus Prime. In one of the best storylines ever it was revealed in Dreamwave comics that Ultra Magnus was hearing body armor and when it was blown to bits he looked just like Optimus Prime and they are in fact brothers. There s one really bada$$ shot of Magnus with the armor all on the ground steaming and smoking and he is out to punish those who attacked him. Back when he was introduced in the movie in 1986 he was a bit of a wuss. He wasn’t the true recipient of the matrix, that went to Hot Rod who later became Rodimus Prime. That also never sat well with me, it should have BumbleBee who became the next Prime. Only because he was the least likely but had the heart of a hero. Of course then what would you call him Bumblemous Prime. Sorry that does not command respect, but then again Rodimus isn’t the best name either.

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18 thoughts on “Photo-Hunt – Plastic 09/15/07”

  1. I knew that was a Transformer, but I didn’t know about Optimus Prime’s brother. My kids used to watch the cartoon of Transformers years ago. We haven’t seen the new film yet but they are looking forward to it.

  2. Barbara,
    The new film is going to be out in IMAX next weekend with additional footage. My wife is even excited to go see it again. I hope you get to the theater to see it, it was well worth the price of admission.

  3. I have to admit I have used Transformers quite a few times here, but I was going on little sleep and finishing everything up last night very late.

  4. That is definately a dilema, Bunblemous prime, heart of a hero name like a girl.

    Great picture of the swan, very nicely framed with the foliage.

    Cheers Mark

  5. Thanks very much Mark. I loved that particular photo. I would have liked it to be a little bit different but for the most part I am happy with it. I would think that a leader named Bumblemous would infer someone who will stumble around and mess things up. We wouldn’t want that for a leader.

  6. Drew I didn’t even know what a transformer is so I had to scoot over here to check it out. No I don’t live under a rock but kids too old and no grandkids of the right age for this.

  7. Ah but they will be soon and a brand new Transformers show that looks to be a very good one on the cartoon network is coming soon. I myself cannot wait but I am a big kid who loves cartoons.

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