Photo Hunt: Row 08/11/07

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Photo Hunters 08/11/07

I took this photo while on the beach last weekend. These are cormorants that like to hang out on a long row of pilings. I also took this picture of a short row of seagulls.

Photo Hunters 08/11/07

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28 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Row 08/11/07”

  1. You did it Drew, I was looking for birds in a row all week to no avail. I stalked ducks and geese but the darn things wouldn’t cooperate.
    Now that’s really sneaky to add the button to this post. I should have thought of that.

  2. There was a woman on Maury Povich that was afraid of birds, and it was quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. However, then he brought out a woman afraid of cotton balls…and well, that just says it all!!

  3. I love those photos. I could look at birds all day. Oh, yeah, I do look at birds all day. Sometimes I even see a cormorant from my window! I like it when they open their wings to dry off. They look funny.

  4. Hi JMB,
    The cormorants line up every day on those pilings. Tey spend the entire day there jumping into the water and back out. The seagulls aren’t always there however, they took some waiting.

  5. Lynn,
    I will have to watch Nemo again. I don’t remember cormorants. I remember the seagulls shouting “mine” though.

  6. Thanks Mark,
    The seagulls took a while to wait for. There were some kids on the beach who kept chasing them and scattering them. But the patient paid off eventually.

  7. Hi Paulie,
    Glad to see you back on the hunt. I will be stopping over after I respond to all my comments. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. A cormorant is a sea bird that dives deep into the water to catch fish. They have to dry their wings out after they swim.

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