Photo Hunt: Time

BotCon 2007 #3 06/29/07

Took this at BotCon 2007. It was the countdown clock with them amount of Time left till the Transformers Movie was released. I think it fits nicely with this week’s Photo Hunters theme. I missed out big time this year at BotCon 2008, I didn’t even get a non attendee set and the toy set this year was spectacular.

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20 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Time”

  1. Elana,
    The piece was actually commissioned by Hasbro and is in their foyer with other items that you can see and get your photo taken with. My cousin’s wife used to work there and I visited once.

  2. You are welcome Maggie. I will be by today to drop some EC on your blog and check out your photo hunt image too.

  3. hi ben! thanks for leaving a comment. hehe, i was surprised too that i didn’t see you on the list. i see your logo in my inbox everyday, oh well. looking forward to see you there next month.

    thanks for always coming over 😉 take care.

    liza’s last blog post..The Boss

  4. Now that’s a cool clock! Looks a little chintzy, like aluminum foil… but it’s cool!

    So tell me… were you one of those people who stood outside the movie theatre, in line, for hours, to wait for the latest Star Wars movie? 😀

    Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunt.

    Mrs. Mecomber’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: Time

  5. Nope, Star Wars is cool but not really my thing. Transformers is. I bought special tickets to see it twice in one night 6 days before it came out. So I think that is better than standing in line for sure.

  6. Tnchick,
    Time Machine? Makes me think of the TV show Big Bang Theory. They had a time machine replica from the movie The Time Machine and it was a riot.

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