Podcast: Beach walks with Rox

Because of The Mad Gringo I am learning all about people who are of the “go Slow” mentality and added tot hat list is Roxanne of Beach Walks with Rox. Roxanne and the secret cameraman Shane take walks along the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Throughout these five minute walks Rox talks about a variety of topics. She is poised and articulate and her thoughts are very very interesting. She’s already up to Beach walk #540.

This was the first one that I watched and I really like the ideas that Rox talks about in this episode.

Also Rox is inspiring because she has a company called Bare Feet Studios and produces all her videos in Hawaii. That is very very cool. A dream job of mine would be video production and filming on location in Hawaii. Maybe if I ever get out there I could do a Wired Kayaker episode with Rox. Now that would be pretty awesome. She paddles a 6 person outrigger canoe so I bet kayaking would be right perfect for her as well.

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