Podcast: Wired Kayaker Podcast #2

Wired Kayaker #2 - The Rig
The Obligatory Bow Shot.

This video ‘podcast’ was filmed on (Wednesday) but I only got to edit it tonight (Thursday) and I was only able to post it today (Friday). I went to Hopkinton State Park and paddled around the Hopkinton Reservoir. I took some photos with my Canon SD800is, the Sanyo was still on the Gorillapod and is still exposed to the elements. I am working on ideas for a permanent rig for the video camera, maybe get it set further forward so I can get the background behind me instead of just having me fill the screen. And of course I need to look into a waterproof digital video camera.

Hopkinton State Park is a very nice place and there are many activities that you can participate in. There are walking trails, hiking, mountain bike and equestrian trails as well. You can also rent a small watercraft, canoe kayak or small sailboat from the boathouse, there is a swimming area as well.

I drive by this park every day on my way to work and have always wanted to stop to paddle but I never did. I was missing out all those times. Since I started this project I have found some very interesting places that are practically in my back yard. I have also found many online resources for the kayaking enthusiast.

One site is the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. On this site you can learn about the state parks of Massachusetts as well as the programs that are happening in the parks. There are some pretty fantastic events happening. I am going to add this link to the sidebar. There is also a page for canoeing and kayaking areas in Massachusetts. And on The Office of Fishing and Boating Access web page there are links to maps for each place to kayak, fish or canoe in Massachusetts, I am sure that there are more but theses are the places that the government maintains and have public access.

Wired Kayaker #2 - The Rig Wired Kayaker #2 - Water Drops Wired Kayaker #2 - Hopkinton State Park
Wired Kayaker 2 - Paddle and Bow Wired Kayaker #2 - My favorite Island Wired Kayaker #2 - Island Shot

These images were taken with my Canon SD800IS however they were in a ‘lens quality’ plastic waterproof bag. I picked it up for $12.00 from REI and figured that if it didn’t work I was out 12 bucks. At least it kept my camera safe and dry. I will use this again but with a towel on hand to wipe off the plastic. I have to also make sure that I pull the plastic tight to the lens so that there aren’t any ripples in the images either. So this product will need more testing, it did however keep my camera nice and dry.

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