Post Vacation Fatigue

Photo-A-Day #2995

We came home from Florida today. The kids traveled really well. They both handled the descent much better than the trip down to Florida. Andrew even slept for more than half the flight which was great. Eva was a champ. She worked on the iPad, she colored and she had a good flight. We are very lucky to have these two kids in our lives.

We had a later flight so we were able to spend some time at the house with Mimi before we left and we were also able to catch up with Dano for lunch at Chili’s. The kids had a fun time playing with the activity packs and we had a nice meal. Then we headed to the airport.

At the airport we curb checked the bags and the porter there asked if we had Andrew’s Birth Certificate with us. We didn’t. We always had Eva’s with us and never, ever had to show it, ever. So, when we were packing and realized that we don’t even have his birth certificate yet we didn’t worry too much about it. I know, we are great parents. Well, not having his birth certificate became a big deal. The porter brought us in to a supervisor who said that we had to buy a ticket for Andrew and once we had the right paperwork at home we could apply and get the cost reimbursed. That is unless we had something that proved his age. Can I just say that thank you to ShutterCal for their services and for mu obsessive photo taking because I pulled up my blog post from Andrew’s 1 month birthday on December 22, 2011. That was enough to convince the guy of Andrew’s age and we were able to go and not buy an extra ticket.

Allison got stopped at security but the kids weathered that pretty well.

Once all that was over I had the task of wearing Andrew out by making him walk all over the terminal. He enjoys a little game of playing peek-a-boo around the corners of the places where people line up for SouthWest. I walked him, changed him and he was ready to go for the flight. He’s definitely more active than Eva was at this age but we managed. Rather, Allison managed because he didn’t want to come over to me all flight.

We got home and got settled, had nothing in the house so it was ice cream for dinner night. We got a surprise visit from my parents and the kids got all wound up but they crashed pretty hard and we all got a fairly decent night’s sleep. Andrew got up at 1:30-3 (Allison) and then again at 5:30 (Me). Still better than he slept most of vacation.

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