Postie Battle royal is up.

The Postie Battle Royal voting is now up. My Post Keep your eyes out for BathRoomba… is #29. Please do me a favor and go vote for #29 at Blog Battle Royale: iRobot Voting Begins . Remember #29, #29, #29 Just repeat the mantra. You can only vote once and I need all the votes I can get, there is nothing to sign up for and nothing to download. Just go to the site pick #29 in the voting widget and submit your vote. That is it. Easy Peasy Beasy. #29. If I win this I get a chance to test out a Roomba Robotic Vacuum and keep it.

To be fair, here are all the competitors I am up against in the contest to win a Roomba. Of course I would really like for you to vote for mine #29 – BathRoomba!

1. The iRobot Washing Machine
2. iRobot: Civic Doody?

3. iRobot for Blog Battle Royale: Replacement Husband

4. iRobot LAWNba
5. Not Tonight Dear — Ask The Robot
6. iDaddy
7. Introducing TeachBot Mk1
8. My iRobot Design

9. Sooper Dooper SurrogateChild 2000! Get it NOW!

10. iRobot Office: Do You Have A Screw Loose?
11. The Loser Detector
12. I Need an iBrick-Pick-Up
13. Roomba and other such useful robots.
14. Duster Drone

15. iByot – the multi-tasking next generation house robot

16. My Robot (i)
17. Aye, Robot
18. PPP Blog Battle Royale- iRobot Zcure Robot Patrol
19. I Need a Robot
20. My iRobot Idea for PPP Blog Battle Royale

21. iMom Robot

22. Dear iRobot
23. So..If You Could Create an IRobot…
24. The Motorcycle-o-Matic
25. My Robot (ii)
26. Only In My Dreams…

27. Throwing Down The Gauntlet In The First Ever PayPerPost Blog Battle Royale

28. iAM The Heart of A Robot
29. Keep Your Eyes Out for BathRoomba…

30. PPP Blog Battle Royale: iRobot Baby Scan
31. do you, do you wanna Chacha?
32. iRebecca

33. iSpouseKeep Robot

34. The Grand Pooba(h)
35. myRobot
36. iPantrybot

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6 thoughts on “Postie Battle royal is up.”

  1. You know, that’s really cool that you posted all the entries like that. 🙂

    I sent my readers to the original blog post instead.

    Thank you. Also, I love the cats. 🙂

  2. You are being too fair, it’s making the rest of us look bad.

    Best of luck in the contest. I think you wrote a contender, except I thought the military already developed trained ducks to work in the bathroom.

  3. Thanks Linda, I have to admit it wasn’t my idea. I saw that someone else in the competition gave me linky love so I thought I’d do the same.Thanks also for the compliments on the cats. They are such sweet boys.

  4. I borrowed that idea from someone else, looks like that idea is catching, thanks for the linky love my friend.

    Trained Ducks? I think I’d have had to have been in the military to get that one, right?

  5. Good job with getting the buzz going – hopefully this will make iRobot happy and they will give all the competitors Roombas!

  6. That would be cool, my numbers aren’t looking that great so far and I have a large network of folks, they just aren’t voting and the voting is very simple. I’d love to review one but I also have my hands pretty full for now. So whoever wins is who is supposed to.

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