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Courtney The most high energy blogger that I met at PostieCon 2007 was hands down, Courtney. She was the impetus behind the gigantic cake plow waterfall that we had during lunch. And she was so into it too which is awesome. I had never done a cake plow but her excitement about it was infectious.

While at PostieCon we talked about our blogs and I found out that Courtney was the winner and current Blog Battle Royale Champ! She came over to the table where I was sitting and told me that her friend Markus Langenfeld was a fan of mine. We got to talking and she told me about her riding for a cure. Riding for a cure to diabetes. Her blog is amazing, first of all the design is great but the content, the content is very inspirational.

Courtney is participating in the NaNoWriMo project with a project titled Confessions of a Type-1 Diabetic. I’ve read quite a few of her pieces and they are incredible. And Courtney is pretty incredible too. Her blog is about her goal of riding in the Tour De Cure in all 50 states. That is truly amazing seeing as at one point she wasn’t even going to be able to ride a bike.

She has quite a few dates for rides coming up including one in Florida, which happens to coincide with when I am going to be in Florida, unfortunately I am going to be stuck in an exhibit hall and believe me it won’t be near as exciting as Blog World Expo 2007 or CollegeFest 2007. If I would have been able to get away I certainly would have gone to cheer Courtney on. I am very excited for Courtney to ride in the Northeast. I want to do an interview with her when she comes out this way and go cheer her on.

Courtney also writes a blog called Traveling Thoughts. This is the blog that is currently the Battle Royal Champ. And with good reason because her posts are the best. She rocks the posting hard and attacks life. I say attacks because of the energy and ferocity that I noticed from her words and meeting her in person, she is passionate driven and will be very successful in everything she puts her mind to. I am very lucky to have met her in Vegas.

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4 thoughts on “Postie SpotLight: Courtney”

  1. I didn’t take it, “Tiki”* Drew did. He is wiley when he drinks. And most of the time he keeps these sort of incriminating photos for things like major slideshows and other events with large crowds.

    *”Tiki” Drew is the persona that my co-workers gave me the first time I got drunk at a Buffettless Buffett party because I took down a bunch of Margaritas in a giant nalgene water bottle that has a tiki face on it. Apparently I am mild mannered and quiet most of the time.

  2. As always Mr. Fab. your way with works makes me sound like “Og like rock” while you are spinning words like golden threads. I completely agree, Courtney has tons of energy and certainly an infectious personality.

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