Postiecon 2007, Are you going?

I am thinking of attending the fist annual PostieCon. PostieCon is a bloggers conference that is being sponsored by PayPerPost. I have been posting with PayPerPost for a few months now and have made a considerable chunk of change. More importantly I have learned many fantastic new things about blogging. I have also met some very nice people and I would like to meet these folks in real life and exchange ideas in person.

I am really looking forward to meeting Ted and Veronique and Karen. Karen has been awesome with Customer Love lately and I’d like to thank her in person. PayPerPost has transformed the way that I have been blogging and because of them I was able to pay for this new domain and hosting. I broke the mold of free blogging sites and busted out on my own. Those are the reasons I am going.

But why should you go? As Ted puts it Two words: Rock Star. Are you a Rock Star on your blog? Do you want to learn how to be a better Rock Star? At PostieCon 2007 the keynote Speaker is going to be Robert Scoble. There will be learning sessions on how to drive more traffic to your blog, how to make better content for your readers and also how to monetize your blog. Won’t you go to PostieCon and have yourself a Rock Star Weekend in Orlando. PostieCon 2007 will be the premiere bloggers conference of the year. Mark your calendars for June 1 & 2 and I hope to see you at PostieCon 2007.

This was a sponsored post. I get paid to blog about the things I want to with PayPerPost. Read my disclosure policy. You can make money with your blog too, click on the referral button.

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