Power in My Pocket

Osmo Pocket

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00352

I went to Best Buy today and picked up the Osmo Pocket from DJI. Those are the drone people. Well, they make this tiny 3 axis gimbal camera that fits in your pocket. I have been looking for something that I can use when I go to Toy Fair in February so that I can take tons of video quickly and easily. I have the wireless Lav Mics, I just needed something that would have long battery life so I could film a lot. My old Samsung 6S just won’t cut it anymore. I needed something way more portable. I want to be as unencumbered as I possibly can this trip.

The funny thing is that this product has been on my Amazon.com wishlist for a while and my friend Becky removed it from the list. She recently got one and by some off chance I was surprised and kinda excited that maybe she had gotten me mine. I asked her but it was not the case, she accidentally removed it from my public list because she was one of the admins for it. Oh well, I had Best Buy money from recent campaigns so I picked this up for myself. I think that the thought of actually owning one gave me the push I needed to pick this up over something like a drone. I should get much more use out of this.

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