Pre School LEGO Creativity

Photo-A-Day #2414

On the days that Eva goes to school. We discourage her from watching any TV. Just trying to put her into a learning state of mind is all. So on those mornings we try to do some activities with her. Since I have been doing SwagsGiving we’ve had lots of toys to choose from. Eva is very partial to the building toys like the KRE-O Optimus Prime and the LEGO Master Builder Academy Sets. I pulled out my original set of LEGO bricks along with some bricks from the Arctic set and the Life on Mars sets and started building. This Space Dragster sort of thing is what I came up with.

When we play LEGO Eva puts together people and then decides if they can do things. She doesn’t put many bricks together right now but does offer suggestions on the things we create. We are making a house, sorry, a barn on wheels that has a propeller on the front. I have been trying to apply the techniques that I’ve been learning from the LEGO Master Builder Academy set for Locking and Sideways building but the older sets didn’t have much in the way of sideways building parts. But I decided not to go all symmetrical like I usually do and try something different. I just kept putting pieces on where I probably should have cut back a bit. The next thing to do on the Master Builder To Do list is to design something with the set. That should be interesting.

Babywatch 2011 still continues.

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2 thoughts on “Pre School LEGO Creativity”

  1. I used to love Lego’s when I was little, but I grew up in the wrong age. Today’s Lego’s are so much cooler! If you’re taking orders, I’ll take one of those barns on wheels with the propellers and turn it into my man cave. 🙂

    From what I hear, if you want to sell Lego’s, never try to register a domain with the name “lego” in it. Their lawyers salivate over that one.

  2. Hehe, I remember the time when I was young, I was playing with lego’s all day long and never get bored. In our current days the technology advanced so much and you can find so many cool toys for your kids.

    Giving your kid toys(lego’s) will help him develop his mind faster than the kids that don’t do this stuff.

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