Pre-Vacation Malaise

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Another weekend day, another day to sleep. Eva’s not been feeling well. Andrew’s been real clingy to Allison and I haven’t been sleeping that well. We’ve got a vacation coming up and I’m not sure if it is nerves, the impending downtime after going full tilt for so long or what. Anyway, I’m starting to feel the effects of impending downtime and hope that we can just rest up, feel better and have a good vacation.

I’ve been watching the show Deadwood on my iPad through the Xfinity app. Because we have HBO for 2 years this lets us access the HBO content on Xfinity and all three seasons of Deadwood are on the app. I’m really enjoying this show. I never got to see it when it originally was on the air and so I’m far enough removed from it that if I had heard anything about it I forgot it. Watching it though makes me want to also start watching Justified. I’ve got to figure out where I can watch all the season of that too.

Speaking of watching things, you should watch Geek Dads Weekly. I said watch, not listen to it, which you can still do, but watch it because we now have it as a video each week. Daniel really did a great job creating this video of the three of us (well, not Greg because his footage went Fubar) but my video is there. I’ve got to start and finish that Man cave of mine so I can have a fun geeky background too.

Speaking of videos, my video of eating Japanese Hot Dogs in Chinatown inspired my friends Patrick and Amanda of to trek into Boston in search of those hot dogs. They made a wonderful video of their trip. Unfortunately Fei Fan Eatery ran out of hot dogs. How do you run out of hot dogs at a hot dog joint? At least this means that they are doing a decent business.

I’ve also been reading The Hunger Games second book, Catching Fire. I enjoyed book one and am enjoying book two as well. I think that Allison and I will try and catch the movie while we are on vacation. I am interested to see how this book is like as a movie. Catching Fire is decent and I’m 80 percent of the way through it. Allison tore through all three books in a mater of a couple of weeks. She hasn’t read like that in a few years and neither have I. Although I have had one series occupy a few years and now it is time to move on to another, when I’m done with The Hunger Games Trilogy.

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