Prepping for Halloween

Trick or Treat 2009

Sure, I haven’t even left for BlogWorld & New Media Expo yet but I’m already thinking about Halloween. It must be because we got a taste of Halloween when we went to Disney last month. Attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was a great primer for Trick or Treating this Halloween. Allison, Eva and I were all in costume as we walked the park and so we are completely ready to go trick or treating together this Halloween.

In past Halloween nights we have sat at the house giving out candy on the front steps. We also make hot chocolate and pour a little holiday cheer into it to keep warm. We also take Eva out a very small radius of our home. The radius will get bigger this year because I am sure she will want to keep going and going.

I try and take photos each Halloween and capture Eva in her costumes. This will be Eva’s fourth Halloween too and this time she will be Tinkerbell once again. Her costume is still a little big so we can get a few more uses out of it. She does have new wings though.

Our Family on Halloween 2009

As a kid I did many different things for Halloween. When we were youngest we would get in our costumes, pile in the station wagon and drive from house to house of all of our relatives. This went on for a few years before we were able to go and trick or treat around our neighborhoods and also at other neighborhoods with friends. I never got into the trick part of Halloween. Never did any of that stuff, just walked around with a pillow case picking up candy from people up and down each street.

Now we live in the same house of my parents and sister. Allison’s parents are down in Florida so we take Eva around the neighborhood to trick or treat. We will make sure that she has some glow sticks to carry and play. This makes for great photos as she runs around the yard. Putting on a shirt under her costume that is the same color of the costume makes for less fights. No sense putting the kid into a giant coat to cover the costume, you’ll just get fights. Take the jacket with you and they will put it on when it gets cold. Check all the candy, keep the stuff you like :-), and put the rest in a container to parcel out when Eva wants some.

Photo-A-Day #936e 10/31/07

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9 thoughts on “Prepping for Halloween”

  1. Hi, Drew. It’s been so long. But I still remember that wonderful night that Eva was born. And look at both of us now: you and your wife and Eva (only Eva looks any older!) and me and my new husband. May we both continue to be as blessed in the future as we are now.
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  2. I’m a 32 year old guy who had his first taste of a halloween party last year. Reading your post made me think what character should I wear on our company’s halloween party this year.

    Last year, I was bit simple for lack prep time. I just wrote a lightning scar on my forehead and don a black cape.

    I’m wondering if I can be a little outrageous this year… How about being a centaur, a pair of legs protruding on my behind? LOL!
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    1. Jack,

      Your first taste of Halloween, really? That is unbelievable. Where are you from man? Your costume this year sounds cool but a bit unwieldy.

  3. I love the “old school” Eva pic!! I can’t believe she was ever that teeny!! Great tips for Halloween too! I’ll have to get some glow sticks for myself for the Halloween party this weekend. I don’t care how old I am…I don’t dig on the dark!

    1. Mo,

      I can’t believe she was ever that tiny either, but she was. Now she is 3 and can have conversations on the phone, some of the time.

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