Target's Flashlights

Prepping for the Frankenstorm

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So the photo has nothing to so with the most biggest scariest storm coming down the pike.


We’ve seen storms before, we had a hurricane last year that made us lose power for 3 days and broke part of our fence. The local news and national news must pray for these sort of storms for ratings. They give storms names like Frankenstorm because it is close to Halloween. And if that isn’t bad enough you get people who have to say that the doctor was Frankenstein and not the monster.

Please. Shut. Up.

People are losing their ever loving minds about this. I’m so sick of it with every storm that comes our way. This is the storm of the month, not the decade or century.

I was in Target tonight and the flashlight section was STRIPPED CLEAN!

Target's Flashlights

Crazy stuff.

Boston is completely shut down, the state is in a State of emergency everything everywhere is shut down tomorrow. And yet I still get reminded to bring things into the house, put water by the toilet and fill the bathtub. I’ve lived in New England my entire life, been through Hurricane Bob, Hurricane Gloria and many more. I think I’m good.

Duck and cover everyone. Stay Safe. Don’t lose your mind.

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