Prime Directive

Photo-A-Day #3164

Playing with my new NX300 camera and my toys at my desk at work. I like how I can tap an area on the screen and the camera will focus to that area and take the shot. This shot was me just looking for a figure that would look good standing out among the other ones what were blurred.

Eva had the day off from school today so we had a nice family morning and early afternoon. She did really well on her report card and to reward her for a job well done we took her to see Frozen. We started off with breakfast at Goochies. Andrew delighted our waitress and Eva showed her how polite she can be. After our breakfast we went to the Hallmark store and picked up our annual family Christmas ornament and and an ornament for each of the kids for their little trees.

After that we went to Target to do our annual shop for Christmas is for Kids. We weren’t able to make it to the Toy Drive this year but we will bring the collected and purchased toys to Achin’s this coming well. the kids picked out some nice toys this year. There will be some happy kids on Christmas morning.

Our final fun thing as a family today was seeing the movie Frozen. We had a very nice time and the movie was a good one. Eva and I had already read the Frozen story book app together so we knew the overall story. Eva loved the movie, said it was the best Disney movie she had ever seen. I thought it was pretty great as well. Andrew liked it, too. He was dancing around a few times. this was his first movie in the theater.

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