Princess of Quite-A-Lot

Photo-A-Day #1779

As part of Financial Peace University we’ve budgeted for some nights out each month, like 2. We used to do a bit more than that and that is part of why we need to go through Financial Peace University. So we went to our favorite restaurant, Fortune House, tonight with our friends Meghan and Russ. Before we left Allison was cleaning and found this tiara and Eva wanted to wear it. At dinner Meghan dubbed Eva “Princess of Quite-A-Lot.

Today we brought Eva to Borders for a cute little birthday party celebration for Elmo. There were stories, arts and crafts, a treasure hunt as well as prizes. We were celebrating Elmo’s birthday but he couldn’t make it. So we read stories about him. Then we made birthday cards for Elmo. The treasure hunt was Eva’s favorite part. The storyteller hid tiny fish all around the kids section and the kids were let loose on the place to find yellow fish. If a kid found a yellow fish they won a prize. Eva found two orange ones and she still walked away with a dinosaur coloring book. There was also a raffle and all the kids got a Cat in the Hat puzzle. They did a nice job on this.

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6 thoughts on “Princess of Quite-A-Lot”

  1. You know I’m concocting all sorts of stories in my twisted head as to where Elmo was instead of his big birthday bash. That just ain’t right! Funny…but not right!

    So glad you had a great time-and that the Majestic Princess of Quite a Lot got a cool dino coloring book!! Color me jealous (no pun intended!!)

    1. Mo,
      There are just so many places that Elmo could have gone. He probably got directions to the party from a baby. babies are notorious for giving bad directions.

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