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Photo-A-Day #1910

The Rest of the Story coming tomorrow. Blame the lateness of this post on my brand new toy, the iPad. Yesterday Allison’s parent’s arrived from Florida. I was on a telecommuting day so I was unable to go and pick them up so Allison and Eva went. I stayed home and did work and caught up on a few things left to do around the house. I’m still getting back into the swing of things since Evo’10. I did write a pretty comprehensive post on my experiences there over on the Collective Bias blog.

The big excitement on Eva’s face was all about the new princess dress that Dan and Marcia got for her complete with fake earrings and a tiara. When everyone arrived home from the airport they hung out in the other room for a while and I called a few times “Hello, Hello” Finally the most beautiful little princess came walking into my office with a smile on her face three feet wide. Then she had this expression of surprise and wonder on her face as well. I unfortunately didn’t know she was coming so didn’t get the full dress photos. What I did get in that moment was a moment to really appreciate the joy in my daughter’s eyes. She loves everything about the princesses and loves to dress up so seeing her have so much fun was a gift.

Photo Information

Date Taken: July 1, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 800
Exposure: 1/30 sec
Aperture: 5.6
Focal Length: 92mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Manual
Lens: Sigma 18-250mm

I finished up work and got an e-mail telling me that our iPads were in down at the Apple Store at Providence Place Mall. That was seriously less than 2 day turnaround time. So we decided that we would go for dinner and then pick up our new toys. We decided upon dinner at Fire and Ice Providence (@fireiceprovri). While the dinner was decent overall the service was slow and the place was cold. I was even cold so you know that everyone around me must have been Popsicles. We did have fun, although the princess was not exactly chipper at dinner.

We went up to the Apple store and both Allison I were giddy with excitement. I am so grateful to The Protocol Institute for suppling the prizes at the EVO’10 Conference because without them this would not have been possible. We walked in and gave our name and then waited a while. We took a look at the different accessories available for the iPad and man were there a lot of them. I thought that we would have plenty of time to wait and we’d have our iFrogz cases well in advance of getting the iPads. But it looks like the Apple Store had the quicker turnaround and so I am going to have to be incredibly careful with this new toy… um I mean business tool.

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We Got our iPads!

After we got the iPads and Allison got a few other things, new clothes, we headed out of the mall. Do you think that my little princess is a Daddy’s girl? Was there ever any doubt?

While we were walking out, we stopped by the large window that overlooks Waterplace park. I stopped and took Eva over and showed her that is where Daddy does some kayaking and I also showed her where the train tracks were. I said that daddy takes that train to New York. She takes it all in and then grabs Grandpa Dano and brings him to the window. She then proceeds to tell him that we are looking at New York and she points out the train tracks and the water where I kayak. It was super cute.

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  1. I love her so much! You guys too- you always make me smile even in the midst of packing insanity. Nice new biz tools you got there. Hope you have as much fun with them as Miss Evaboo does with her fancy princess dress.
    Look at what Dina wrote blog post ..Facebook Trailer My Way

    1. Dina,
      We are enjoying exploring our new business tools, now if I can only come up with a viable business model with which to use them. Good luck packing.

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