Promise of a Brighter Tomorrow

Photo-A-Day #1819

The rain has finally let up but what has been left in its wake has been devastating to so many people. We were among the fortunate and I pray that people who were hit hard by this are able to recover. These flowers we fed by the rains and are now ready to bring us all some cheer for a brighter tomorrow.

I cannot believe that in only 8 more days I will be 36 and I will have completed 5 straight full years of taking one photo every single day. I worked on a proposal to Nikon to get sponsorship in the form of cameras to test each month for year six of my Photo-A-Day. They said no, but you know what? I’m not giving up because it was only one nameless faceless no on a postcard. I’m going to continue my pursuit to be an official Nikon Blogger. I love the brand, the cameras are a part of our family. My father, sister and many friends all have Nikon. When friends ask me what camera to buy I tell them Nikon. Nikon is my DSLR of choice.

On the flip side I also use a Canon for my point and shoot and a Sanyo for my underwater photos and videos. I also use Flip cameras for video too. I’m thinking that I’m going to add something new to the whole Photo-A-Day thing and step it up a notch for Year Six so that by Year 7 camera companies will come looking for me to use their products. I have some ideas but I was wondering what you, the BenSpark community think would make Photo-A-Day even better. Leave your ideas in the comments section, I’d really love to hear what you have to say.

I’m a big fan of ShutterCal. I have been getting their products in exchange for talking about the company and also posting all of my photos on their platform. I would have talked about the company and used their product no matter what. It is a fantastic platform and ShutterCal continues to come up with more innovative products. I’m beta testing one right now but cannot say anything about it… yet. I can’t wait to tell you about it. What I can tell you about is the contest this month at ShutterCal. ShutterCal has teamed up with Wacom to give away 3 Bamboo Craft Tablets.

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5 thoughts on “Promise of a Brighter Tomorrow”

  1. Drew, How are you? Nikon would be foolish,in my opinion, not to sponsor you. I can think of two things that you can do off the top of my head to make your project even more appealing to camera companies:

    1)List the camera brand and model and any settings. This would be both educational for your audience and help to establish your beliefe in the brand of camera.

    2) It might really be valuable for you to establish a forum on this blog related to photography. I know there are other forums out there but I’m sure you could brand yours with the photo a day concept and populate with topics such as how do you come up with ideas? What do you do when it 11:59 at night an you realize you didn’t snap a photo that day? Does taking photos of your kids every day make sense? I snapped 12 photo’s today and love them all, how do you select the best photo? Where can I print cheaply? I’m sure there are hundreds of other questions that could be asked.

    3) As I’m sure you remember I asked your opinion about what camera to buy on twitter a few weeks back. Perhaps a free download camera buyer’s guid would be a valuable asset as well.
    .-= Look at what Kevin wrote blog ..IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING A NEW LOOK AND FEEL =-.

    1. Kevin,

      Those are fantastic ideas. I’ve been toying with #1, not sure about #1 but those are great topics I could blog about. A camera buying guide is a good idea too. Wow, thanks so much for those ideas.

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