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As you know I take many photos on a daily basis. I recently purchased an external hard drive to back up my data files. But then I began to think, what if my home catches fire, since my computer and external hard drive are connected to each other in the same room I would lose all of my files, that would be tragic. I have years worth of photographic memories that could be all gone in an instant.

This of course would not happen if I was using an online backup service. I can get started right away with a free IDrive-E account of 2GB and so can you. You can protect your treasured photos, MP3s and financial documents. You can even store videos which is great because now that I am making videos for the web I need to store many raw files of footage. The IDrive-E can be mapped directly to your PC so you can drag and drop files directly to the online drive.

And if you are a small business looking to protect your files off site a recent enhancement allows you to create and manage multiple accounts for your small business. It just makes sense to be protected.

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2 thoughts on “Protect your data files…”

  1. An invitation from Mimi…….To: Saturday Photo Hunters

    Many bloggers will be flying Peace Globes in the blogosphere on Wednesday, June 6, 2007. It is BlogBlast for Peace day – the second annual event. Please consider using your blog voice and creative influence on this day to participate. The theme for June 2 is ART – perfect for creativity with a peace globe perhaps? You can find more information about the movement at Mimi Writes or BlogBlast for Peace. I wanted to make you aware of the event. I really enjoy looking at your photographs on Saturdays. I hope you can participate. or
    Thanks and peace!

  2. Hi Mimi, I will check this out. Thanks for visiting my blog. Come by more often than Saturday as I post a photo every day.

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