Proud Big Sister

Photo-A-Day #2436

The sleep schedule around her has been a little crazy, after waking up at five of nine on Thursday morning and tearing on over to Eva’s school was a new experience. she always sleeps late on School days or days when we need to be somewhere early. On days when we ca sleep in She is up and bouncing all over the room. It figures.

Eva and Allison got haircuts today. Eva’s hair was down to her lower back and now it is slightly below her shoulders. She even got it curled and is loving how that looks. She loves curls. We just have no time to do it that often.

We had a small moment today when Andrew was quiet and Eva was willing to sit with him and when I went to take the photo he started crying. Eva handled it pretty well. She looks so proud in this photo. She is such a good big sister.

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