Putting up the Tree

Photo-A-Day #2810

Allison helps Andrew put an ornament on the tree. We brought the tree into the house last night and it survived the night with the Kittens. The Kittens are really interested in the tree and they are biting off parts of it and sniffing around it.

After I picked Eva up from school and we had lunch it was time to clean up the house for a visit from one of Allison’s friends from High School. She was coming down to see the lights at La Salette. Part of the clean up meant putting the lights on the tree, then Allison and the kids put some ornaments onto the tree while I showered.

Almost immediately Torunn knocked one of the ornaments off the tree and broke it. Luckily it wasn’t a treasured family heirloom one. Allison is thinking that some shatterproof ornaments might be a good idea.

Our guests had a nice dinner with us and were thoroughly entertained by Eva’s conversation and Andrew’s wacky, cute antics.

It was rainy and drizzly so Allison went with her friend and I stayed with the kids and we watched the Littlest Petshop.

When Allison came home she told me this story.

So, Allison walks out of the house tonight to go to La Salette with her friend. Our new neighbor on the second floor across the street shouts from the doorway of her balcony.

“Hi, I just moved in here and we don’t have a phone or anything, can you call my daughter we need food or something!”

So Allison calls the daughter and she didn’t answer the phone. So Allison said, “I’m sorry, she didn’t answer.”

The woman then shouted, “can you call Dominos!”

Allison said, “I’m sorry I don’t have the number and I’m on the way out.”

Then the woman shouts her the number of Dominos.

Allison asks, “What do you want from Dominos”

The woman shouts back, “An order of Cheesy Bread and a Diet Coke.”

Her order came to $10.69. Allison said, “It’s nice to meet you” and she got into the car with her friend and left.

– Going into the crazy neighbors story file.

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