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Photo-A-Day #2372

Another milestone in life as parents. Today was both the first time that Eva had School Picture Day and also the first time we brought cupcakes to school for her birthday. Eva also wanted to take a picture of her new shopping cart to school so I took a photo of her with the shopping cart and then printed it out along with a picture of Mimi and Grandpa Dano. Hopefully she was able to tell her class about her new toy and who gave it to her. We keep trying to convince her to take a photo of her and Auntie Shelby from the wedding where she was the flower girl but for some reason she keeps saying that she’ll do it next week or next year even. Not sure what is up with that.

Eva’s new Shopping cart and her picture day outfit.

I recorded an episode of Geek Dads Weekly this afternoon. We spent the beginning of the episode talking about the news about Steve Jobs’ death. What a loss. There was a guy who not only had incredible ideas but who made those ideas into incredible reality. Whether you are a MAC or PC person your life has to have been touched by Steve Jobs in some way or another. For us the iPad, iPod and soon, the iPhone has completely changed our lives.

Toys continue to come in for me to review for SwagsGiving. I got a couple of boxes while we were recording Geek Dads. UPS guy said something when he put the boxes on the back porch but I was actually talking at the time and couldn’t jump out. The items that came today were a small guitar and a big box of stuff from SpinMaster. SwagsGiving 2 is going to be big.

Speaking of toys, Eva and I painted a SqwishLander from SqwishLand.com. I’ll talk more about that in a review tomorrow.

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