Radiant Light

Photo-A-Day #1659

Today our friends TR and Michael got married. Allison was in the wedding party and so was there all day with the bridesmaids and I came up later after work with our friend Jenn. Taking photos during the ceremony was not permitted and I also forgot to check the batteries in my external flash so I didn’t have the use of that either. I had to work with the light I could.

The photo above I shot when we got to the reception. The photographer was taking the bridal party outside and I saw the moment through the open doorway to catch this moment where TR was holding Michael’s hand and in such happiness. We were very happy to be a part of the evening and to share those moments with them. I also got his nice photo of Allison and her Zeta alumni sisters.

Zeta Sisters

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6 thoughts on “Radiant Light”

  1. No photos at a wedding? That’s like pizza and no beer. Great photo of Allison and her friends with the natural light.

    1. Dad,

      I agree. Now I want pizza and beet and it is only 7:50am. Natural light is probably what I should master working with anyway. There are so many crazy things that can happen with technology that oyu need to have fundamental skills to fall back on like shooting without a flash and capturing and using the natural light.

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