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Good morning. Last night Dad and I went to see Meet the Fockers. It was a nice follow up to Meet the Parents. Dustin Hoffman and Robert Deniro were hilarious. I was even able to tolerate Ben Stiller too. (He’s got only a couple of original characters and I can tolerate about 2 of them.) But the movie had me laughing out loud alot! Not that that is hard to make happen. I am easily amused.

So, I’ve become addicted to the online multiplayer game called Runescape. All I can say is thank God it is blocked at work or I would get absolutely nothing done. Since I sold all of my games I found this one by accident. It is a free or subscription game where players earn experience by doing certain tasks like fishing, crafting, fighting, or mining. Its alot of fun because your character is totally your own and you control how they advance in the game. It is alot of fun.

Another online game is called Second Life where you can create anything. It is a 3D multiplayer world where you can build make your life online anything you want. You could build your own motorcycle and whatnot. I just read an article about 9 severely disabled patients who are sharing one Second Life account to play online. I guess one of the patients has motor function in their arms and whatnot but some cannot read and they are all from different backgrounds and they are working together under one account. I found that interesting. I also read that people are building certain items on Second life and are making real money by selling virtual things online. That blows my mind.

I’ve noticed a rather interesting thing about playing massive multiplayer online games. People are jerks! It doesn’t matter if it is the real world of the virtual one if you are a jerk you continue to be one online even when you can be whoever you want to be. So why not be nice. There are people who are at higher levels who hog all the resources and look down on new players. There is an option to go into the “wilderness” to fight against other players. And there are constantly people trying to lure others (new players or ‘noobs’ as many of the experienced players call those whose level is even one point lower than themselves.) into the wilderness so they can kill them and take their stuff. I guess the virtual world isn’t much different than the real one huh?

But then there are nice people who help out new players. Some guy needed wool from a sheep (you can shear sheep, get the wool and spin it and then use it for various other items like weaving and whotnot) and he paid me 80 coins per piece of wool. I made 7000 coins in very little time. It was pretty sweet.

I’ve also noticed that I can’t stand the shorthand speech of the Internet, I tend not to talk to players who spell ‘what’ as ‘wat’ or anything else that is netspeak. Pet peeve, I know, I’m such a snob. Actually I tend not to talk to anyone for any reason. I work on gaining experience for my character and ignore all else.

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