Ravage wants to be a Thundercat

Photo-A-Day #2597

My friend Mike (Uncle Mike, Loki) saw this Ravage USB device online and said that I must have it. So, the other day when I got home from my travel Odyssey he was at the house and had it for me. I missed him because as I came in the back door he was pulling away from the house and I caught him long enough to say hello. Later Eva gave me the Ravage USB and told me it was from Uncle Mike. It is pretty cool. It is a perfect form for Ravage now too.

The next few days are going to be hard ones. One of our cats, Duncan, is heading to Kitty Heaven. He’s been sick for a while and we’ve been in denial about it. He’s been getting sick and then not finding the litterbox either. I thought it was a territory thing between Oliver and Duncan but I have come to realize that it is just a sickness thing. Allison and I talked about what we should do about Duncan last night and today he started to go downhill so fast. He spent most of the day in the dining room moving between my chair to the floor. He’s now on a blanket on the floor, he hasn’t touched food or water. He’s crying as well, softly and not that often.

Dinner tonight was so tough. Eva was crying and asking about Duncan going to heaven. Allison was sad and I was sad. Duncan has just gotten so weak and sick so quickly. Eva wanted to sit on Allison’s lap to eat and she just needed Allison. It was hard to head out to work tonight because of the veil of sadness going on.

So, in the next few days, probably tomorrow, I’m going to have to experience one of those Dad duties. Having a beloved pet put down is one of those things that in our family has been a Dad duty. It will be that way in our house too, at least for now. So, unless Duncan mercifully passes in his sleep this evening I will be taking him to the animal hospital. Poor Duncan, he is such a sweet cat.

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