Re-Discovering the Amazing Animals

Photo-A-Day #2807

I did some cleaning in the basement today. I’ve been working on a project for Brother P-Touch and I choose for me the project of cleaning up the basement. Sure I could have picked something more modest but I didn’t. My main goal is to get rid of every one of the cardboard boxes that are sitting in the basement and put everything that we want and want to keep into plastic boxes. So I went through a bunch of stuff, found books we had and still haven’t put into the bookcase because we ran out of space in the bookcase. I found photos, frames and more. There was also a great big box of Eva’s old toys that are now perfect for Andrew. The Fisher Price Amazing Animals were such cute toys and I bought most of them for Eva. She liked them well enough, Andrew loves them. I’m glad that he’s enjoying them so much.

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One thought on “Re-Discovering the Amazing Animals”

  1. I find Fisher-Price toys to be top notch. The exact Amazing Animals one survived my both kids without any serious damamge to it. Andrew seems to be very happy with it!

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