Reaching Out

Reaching Out
Photo-A-Day #1887

I love having beautiful afternoons in Spring. When I have those I get the chance to spend some quality time with Eva in the yard. Today when I got home we got to hang around on the front lawn as I blew bubbles and Eva “Plopped” them. That mean that she ran around and sat on the bubbles on the ground. I kept trying to get her to blow bubbles but she kept sticking her fingers in the wand. But I did manage to snag today’s photo.

What I love about the photo, other than sweet little Eva, is that both the angle and the tight focus on Eva makes it look like the image is in motion. She’s reaching for something, maybe it was a stray bubble maybe it was because she wanted the bubble container. We don’t know but by looking at it we can see that she is reaching for something and the feeling of motion is strong.

I also love the light poking through the trees behind Eva and highlighting her hair. Yes, I use that technique a lot and I am trying to improve my use of it, so bear with me as I become a backlighting genius.I am running a Father’s Day Gadget contest. Win a Jawbone ICON Hero for Dad this Father’s Day

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4 thoughts on “Reaching Out”

  1. Random question for you Drew… how do you get the photo information? Do you just pull it off the camera before you delete the photos or is it in the Properties of the image?

    1. Trisha,
      The photo information is embedded in the file of the image. I upload the photo to Picasa and there is a link that shows you more information (the EXIF info) about the photo like the info above. You can also see the info there on flickr too.

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