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Eva has a giant library of books. I knew that she would because I really love reading and so does Allison. For us, reading is so important. It brings us such enjoyment. We want to share that enjoyment with Eva. I also want to start doing many more videos for this blog and also for Read to Me, Dad. So, I’ve decided that I will do video reviews of Eva’s books. I’ll intro the book and then read it and review it. I did my first video review for the book Nana Star.

The other video that I decided to do today was a trip to Boloco. I enjoy Boloco and their burritos. I wasn’t sure how much I could record so it is chopped up a bit but I think I get my point across in this. I attribute my desire to do many more videos to my inspiration from Jim Kukral the Biz Web Coach and the newest Keynote Speaker for Affiliate Summit East. Jim has a video series called the Online Video Toolkit and it is great, you should check it out. Before you do so take a look at my trip to Boloco.

This is my first shot at this and I’ll be doing quite a few more and will be making them much better over time. So bear with me.

Tonight I had a Skype Video call with my friend Kevin Metzger from My Spelling Sucks. We’re going to do a call a week from tomorrow too, one that we’ll make available on our blogs. It was great to talk to another online Dad about the things that we as Dads are facing online and off. It was very fun.

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6 thoughts on “Read to Me, Dad – Reviews”

  1. That’s a lot of books, and she is only two years old!

    I bet Eva will start learning to read early, long before she starts school. My mother read a lot when I was little; we didn’t have money to buy a lot of books, but we lived about half a block from the Brooklyn Public Library, and we went there a lot.

    Anyway, the story goes that when I was around three years old, my mother was reading the newspaper, and I was walking under it, as she was holding it, I was looking at the underside. Then I asked, “Mommy, what’s the New Red Book?” My mother was confused at first, until I said that it “was on the paper”. She turned the paper over, and there was an ad for the New Redbook magazine, or some such thing.

    No one actually was teaching me how to read, I guess all of the exposure to books and being read to must have started soaking in.

    Eva will likely be way ahead of most of the other kids when it comes to reading, once she goes to school. Too many people don’t value reading at all, and if they have kids, those kids will pay for it. It’s sad.

    Oh, and I got the Tony’s coupon…thanks! 🙂
    .-= Look at what Christine wrote blog ..Okay, so it wasn’t THAT hard… =-.

    1. Christine,

      Glad you got the coupon. Hope you liked the little extras too. 🙂

      Eva does remember the stories and if I stop reading the book she tells me what is happening. Also she remembers many of the words and she will say them if I pause.

      the other day she pulled out the Olivia book and read that one like I read it. Instead of reading the book straight I add my little commentary to it each time.

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