Reading Makes Him Smile No Skylanders Giants Makes Daddy Sad

Photo-A-Day #2757

Andrew is fascinated by this Smile book. He will sit and quietly turn the pages or laugh and giggle as he flips the pages wildly. I sat him down and gave him the book and he gave me this cute little smirk.

Well, it looks like I’m going to be waiting till next week to actually play Skylanders Giants. My review copy didn’t get mailed out till this week. I guess I won’t be breaking any stories on the game. I did however get my delivery of the Gamestop Exclusive Golden Dragonfire Battle Pack.

I have been playing the Skylanders Universe game though and it has incorporated the Giants into the game. I was able to add all the figures that I purchased into the game. The game also allows users to rent figures online for a half hour at a time. That list shows a bunch more figures that will be coming out and there are a bunch of fun ones coming. Some variant Giants like Scarlet Ninjini and Gnarly Tree Rex as well as Legendary Chill and Stealth Elf. Then there are Series Two figures Royal Double Trouble and Polar Whirlwind and variants of new figures Molten Hot Dog and Jade Flashwing. There are also additional magical items and I’m not sure what they are exactly but they are Scorpion Striker, Barkley, Thumpling, Eye-Small and Mini-Jini. The last four are sidekicks.

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