Real-Time Head-to-Head Bubble Shooter Action with Mars Pop

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I’ve been playing this new Bubble Shooter game, Mars Pop from OUTFIT7. It is super addicting and so much fun. The coolest thing about this is being able to play in real-time with people all over the world. It doesn’t matter what platform you are on, iOS, Android and even Windows. I play against Allison when I’m on Android and she is on iOS. Gameplay is super fast and easy. It is a Bubble Shooter without a lot of extras, just straight shooting. You can also interact with your competitors using some predefined emojis and messages like, “One More”, “Really??” and many more messages. This makes it a game that kids can play as well because there is no exchange of personal information. Here is the gameplay video from the launch.

There are also tournaments that you can compete in and the more you win the higher you go and get a chance to win gems. You can buy gems so that you can play more and more. But, you don’t have to buy anything. You could buy some to remove the ads that come up randomly. They can be easily closed, though. You can also get more plays if you invite your friends on Facebook. Then you can play against them, too.



New App from Talking Tom and Friends Creators Features Colorful, Fun and Explosive Gameplay For Players Of All Ages

July 23, 2015 — LOS ANGELES — Outfit7 Limited, the global family entertainment company behind the successful Talking Tom and Friends franchise, today launched Mars Pop the first bubble shooter game that offers true real-time, multiplayer competition for casual gamers of all ages. Whether it’s a friend down the block, an old college roommate, or an unknown player across the globe, Mars Pop pairs individuals of similar skill levels to compete live in a thrilling competition to explode bubbles faster than their opponent. Mars Pop is easy for beginners, challenging for pros, and engaging for everyone in between.


Whimsical and fun, Mars Pop is a reimagined, futuristic take on the classic bubble shooter game. It matches players instantly, gives them identical starting screens and sequences of bubbles, and enables them to view their opponent’s screen as they battle for bubble shootout glory. Users can compete anonymously against players around the world with no sign-in required, or connect via Facebook to find and invite friends to play, even if they’re offline. Players can also compete in global tournaments to up their bubble supremacy and earn rewards, and can even see how they rank on leaderboards against their friends and other players.


The game takes place in the year 2124 in NeoMars, a modern, visionary city on Mars where lead characters Jet and Eve live. On Mars, every martian has their own NeoBot: an inseparable advisor, friend and protector; capable of nearly everything and linked to their own DNA. Players can choose between the adventurous Jet or fearless Eve characters and, together with their NeoBots, challenge their friends and opponents from all around the world in epic bubble shootouts.


NeoMars is filled with wonders, adventure and fun, and offers its inhabitants new experiences that could never be possible on Earth. Mars Pop app is one of many product launches planned for the wider NeoMars brand, which will include animated content and merchandise in the future, and will offer the whole family fun-filled, action-packed entertainment.


“Set in a world bursting with color, Mars Pop combines the riveting, edge-of-your-seat aspect of real-time competition in an imaginative and fun setting,” said Samo Login, CEO of Outfit7. “It won’t take newbies, casual or experienced gamers of all ages long to figure out that they’re not just racing the clock, but a live opponent.”

Mars Pop is Outfit7’s first product introduction outside of its highly successful Talking Tom and Friends franchise, which boasts over 2.8 billion downloads and 250 million active users per month. Outfit7 is a next generation entertainment company. Through innovative technologies it has grown from an app developer with a suite of award-winning and globally popular free apps, to a fully-fledged transmedia powerhouse with a CGI animated series on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app, webisodes, music, global merchandise and themed retail experiences.

Mars Pop is cross-platform, available for free on iOS, Android (Amazon & Google Play) and Windows. For more information, please head to the Mars Pop website: or view the gameplay video.


About Outfit7 Limited

Outfit7 Limited is one of the fastest-growing multinational family entertainment companies on the planet, best known for its global phenomenon Talking Tom. Founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs on a mission to bring fun and entertainment to all, Outfit7 has grown from an instant app success into a fully-fledged media franchise. Their highly successful portfolio includes free mobile apps and games, a CGI animated series and web shorts, a global licensing and merchandising program, and a chart-topping sensation on YouTube. The Talking Tom and Friends apps have over 2.8B downloads since launch, and over 250M active monthly users. The latest release from Outfit7, Mars Pop, is the first real-time, multiplayer bubble shooter game for casual gamers.

Outfit7’s family-friendly apps are certified by PRIVO (pending one certification), an FTC approved COPPA safe harbor program, and in April 2015, the My Talking Angela app was awarded the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval. For more information, visit, or learn more about the brand’s animated series at or on the Talking Tom and Friends YouTube channel.

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