Recovery Road

Photo-A-Day #3560

The kids have been home for two extra days of Christmas Break. Granted, Andrew is home all the time but he did not go to the sitter’s on Monday as usual. Instead I got an e-mail from Allison letting me know that Andrew had thrown up in his sleep. He came downstairs covered and the night just got worse. Eventually Eva came down as well and she got sick. Allison scaled a mountain of dirty laundry over the course of the night and into the next day. Because they had thrown up and had fevers they were also homebound today, too. Can’t have the kiddos out there getting the rest of the school sick.

The kids were in good spirits today. I was home with them and Allison got to go in to school and start her new duties floating between the first grade and fifth and other grades. She’s got a whole different schedule for this half of the year. While she was there we were home watching some movies and also watching Eva’s new obsession, Girl Meets World. I used to love the show Boy Meets World and I love that Eva has discovered this new show about the daughter of Corey and Topenga. There are some fun Easter Eggs for fans of the original. It is a bit hokey but has gotten better as it has progressed. I am looking forward to more guest star appearances from former cast members, especially William Daniels and Will Friedle. I can’t wait to see them again. I want to find the original series so I can show Eva that one as well. I think that the whole series had some good messages in its run and she might enjoy them.

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