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Photo-A-Day #2853

The other day I was trying to find out where I bought my A-Team/Avengers T-Shirt. I had forgotten and while I was looking I found They have some amazing artists on their site and some really fun pop culture themed shirts. My shirt is a Malvin and Cobbes shirt with Calvin and Hobbes as Mal Reynolds and Jayne Cobb. I then loved the other more playful one for Andrew with Malvin running around with a toy Serenity and holding a stuffed Cobbes. There is a tagline on this shirt that says, “He Aims to Misbehave”. Mine says “They Aim to Misbehave” but unfortunately no one can read it because it is written in black on a brown shirt, I would have liked to see it in a color that would have shown up better. I of course got the brown shirt because of the browncoats.

Allison’s shirt is Kaylie from Firefly as the Morton Salt girl but instead she is dropping strawberries instead of salt. I was going to select this for Allison as my first choice but I asked her what she wanted for a shirt and she picked the same one so I guess I picked well.

And for Eva I got a stylized Rainbow Dash shirt. She fell in love with it immediately and wanted to wear it last night when we received them.

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