Returning From A Jolly Holiday

Returning From A Jolly Holiday
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Today was the end of our (nearly) Two Week vacation in Florida. We had such an excellent time and met so many fantastic people that I am certainly not at all going to want to head to work tomorrow. And this week I have to recap so many of the awesome things that happened and I also owe you guys 3 Photo-A-Day Photos and posts. They are coming.

The big problem was that I didn’t have much time to write posts nor did my laptop want to cooperate much of the time. Also there was just so much to see, hear and absorb during IZEAFest that it just wasn’t possible to do everything. I figure a little more knowledge while I’m at the conference will certainly benefit us all in the long run.

Today Allison, Eva and I packed up and headed for home. I had booked a later flight in the afternoon so we weren’t rushing around 1st thing either. That choice can either be good or bad. In this case it turned out pretty well because we were able to head over to Downtown Disney for breakfast at the Earl of Sandwich and also poke around a little bit. While wandering through the big toy store Eva wanted to stop and play with the Mr. Potato Head stuff. Immediately she picked up an accessory that I found familiar. It was a replica of the Umbrella that Mary Poppins uses in when she is introduced into the movie and when she exits. We were helped by a nice girl named Betsy from Texas A & M. She showed us that we could buy a ton of accessories for Mr. Potato head and stuff them all in one box for $19.95 or buy them individually at $2.45 each. Disney is a great company to market you with amazing options to make themselves more money. So we ended up getting a very stuffed box of Mr. Potato head accessories including stuff for a tourist-head, tinker-head and many others. Eva was very happy with the umbrella so she carried it for quite a while.

We headed to the airport pretty early for our flight. I had time to go gas up the car and stopped at the 1st station and immediately got back into the car. That station (closest one to the airport and generic off chain) was charging $4.66 a gallon. I drove up a 1/2 mile to the 7-11 and got gas at the normal rates. I couldn’t believe it. I was stunned. However, my being stunned was not just at the gas station. Nope, when we got into the security line we had to take all of our stuff out of our bags. We had four carry ons, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 laptops, a video camera (I didn’t even use) and not to mention Eva and the stroller.

I hung back and pushed everything through. With a line of stuff as long as ours I had a little gap. I was putting everything through the x-ray machine and I turn to get the stroller, turn back and there is some older lady with a walker putting all of her stuff on the belt. My 1st thought was how the hell did I miss some lady in a walker cut me in line and the second thought was what is this lady doing cutting me in line. And she had a friend with her who put her stuff behind the stroller and then walked through the metal detector. So there I was fuming holding the stroller, having been cut by two entitled old ladies and I have to push their stuff through. I don’t have to however I’d be a real jerk if I hadn’t and I’d have been a real jerk if I cut them in line, so why is it okay to cut me? I push the stuff through and come through security. I go to walk around the ladies to help Allison with all the stuff and Eva and the “walker” one put her bag right in my way and screams a warning for me not to step on it as I go to step over it. Let’s just say that sometimes one’s good deeds for the day are in what you don’t do rather than what you do actually do.

We didn’t have our own row on the flight home and Eva had gotten her second wind which was whiny with occasional gusts of screaming. We were both at our wits end by the end of the flight. So as the plane is descending Eva starts looking tired like she was going to fall asleep. I said to her,” Oh, No don’t you go closing your eyes there Missy.” She looked at me and closed her eyes with a huge smirk on her face. Wise Ass! That kid knows every single button to push and plays like a trained concert pianist.

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7 thoughts on “Returning From A Jolly Holiday”

  1. Glad to hear you had a great Florida vacation. I agree with you about it hard going to work. I had to be at work at 3am and man did I want to take another day off. My kids do the same thing and fall asleep in the car 2 minutes from home. Really, are they so tired they can’t wait. LOL. Guess they are.

    It was awesome meeting you at IZEAFest and hopefully we can stay in touch.

    1. Rob,
      It was great to meet you and Melinda at IZEAFest. We didn’t get much time to hang out which was too bad. I’m so beat from everything but the real world is back at me again. Eva woke up at 4:00am and slept with us which caused me to oversleep by an hour.

    1. Tilden,

      It is a bit tiring right now but certainly something we enjoy. But part of the trip yesterday I felt that exact way, if only she was older, then she could buy her own seat. LOL

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