Review: Awesimals iPod and iPhone Cases for Kids

* The Product for this review was provided. I had to buy the app in order to fully review it. Opinions are 100% my own.

Awesimals for the iPhone 4S

The other day I received an Awesimal in the mail to try out and to review. I met the folks from this company while I was at Toy Fair this year and asked if I could check it out. Awesimals are colorful character cases for iPhones and iPods. The company makes a few different colors for the Awesimals and there is also an App that can be used with the case. The App is $0.99 and does a few things. I’ll get into both the case and the app deeper in a moment. I would like to say that I gave this to my five year old daughter and she had a lot of fun playing with the app. It had her laughing and saying all sorts of silly things for the app to repeat.

Eva checks in on her Awesimal
Eva talking with her Awesimal.

The Good (Case):

The case itself is very cute and fits the iPhone 4S snugly. The case also stands up so that when it is in screensaver mode it can look like a character standing there ready to play with your kids. The colors are kid friendly and there is a decent variety of them. While the case is the same for each color kids can customize the look of their Awesimal with the app.

The Not So Good (Case):

I found that accessing some of the touch screen was limited because the case fits right up to the viewable area of each app. The case is also pretty thick, which is good for keeping the iPhone/iPod in one piece but hard to text and type. There are two little nubs on either side of the inside of the case. The one that is on the left hits the volume control buttons each time. I fear that the nub will get worn down over time as I am already seeing some scratches and wear on it from the buttons rubbing against it.

The Good (The App):

The app can repeat what you say in three funny voices, or rather speeds of voices. Kids can make a custom wallpaper for their Awesimal by choosing a face and a color. When your child does not interact with the Awesimal app it will stick its tongue out, whistle and make other noises.

The Bad (The App):

The app is $0.99 and basically does two things. There are some coming soon spaces on the app but I don’t know what those will do. If you buy the case you still have to buy the app.

My suggestions for improving this product.

The packaging should have a QR code that brings you right to the download link to the app. The app should be included if you purchase the case. The case is $24.99 and then to have to buy the app on top of it is a nickle and dime affront to the customer. It should be super easy for the user to get the app and start using it. The app is not a strong one. The app simply repeats what you say. The app could be improved by allowing the user to have their voice mimicked in real time. It would be funny to have a special Awesimal Lock screen that you could record a saying and lock the device so that if someone tried to open it they’d get a silly message that you recorded. Users should be able to record the things that the Awesimal says and export it to YouTube or Facebook. There should be a wallpaper mode from the app so that when you create a wallpaper you don’t have to change your iPhone’s wallpaper in order display a static Awesimals face.

Overall I think the case is a fun one and it has potential to be even better but that hinges upon making the app more robust and also making it free with purchase.

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  1. Wow! My kids will surely love to see their iPhones speak to them by repeating things they say. Awesimals should make for a good companion for kids.

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