Review: Construction Simulator 3 on Xbox One

Construction Simulator 3I was provided a download code for a preview copy of Construction Simulator 3 for this review.

The kids are home from school, or rather at home having school. When they have downtime and turn to their video games they have many options. Here’s one that I bet you didn’t think about, Construction Simulator 3. In this game you are in charge of a construction company and have to do many jobs using all sorts of big trucks and machines. For a kid who is fascinated with these types of machines this is a perfect game. You get to operate these machines while performing over 70 different challenges. These are also brand name vehicles from famous makers like Caterpillar, Liebherr, MAN, Palfinger, Bell, STILL, ATLAS and MEILLER Kipper, which have already made an appearance in the predecessors of Construction Simulator® 3, players will now be able to operate a number of officially licensed vehicles by newly added brands such as CASE, BOMAG, WIRTGEN, VĂ–GELE, HAMM and Bobcat. A veritable feast for friends of heavy machinery!

I started playing the other day. I have not played any simulator type games in the past. I was never into the flight simulator games or anything like that. My cousin told me that he really likes Farming Simulator. I figured that it would be a fun one to try out. Back a few years ago now I recall being the one to operate a contractor in our back yard to put up a new fence as well as concrete block retaining wall. I was really good at it too which I attributed to the many years of playing video games. Well, the ironic thing is that operating a real machine that one time did not help me out in trying to run one in this game. I had to keep figuring things out to make sure that I was moving the right way and digging in the right spots. But that wasn’t the most difficult task for me.

Driving was.

Yes, my driving was atrocious. I tried to get from the dealership to my construction company site and I must have hit three cars and a couple of parked cars. I even got tickets for running a red light and speeding. It was like Grand Theft Compactor with me at the wheel. I did finally get the hang of it and couple make my way around the quaint European city.

Construction Simulator ScreenshotIn the game you control many aspects of a construction company from vehicle maintenance to storage, purchasing, and rentals. You can certainly buy any machine you can afford but you can also rent them by the minute. I also found that you can pay just to go from location to location which was good for me racking up all those penalties that cost me more than the location option.

Construction Simulator Screenshot 2

There is a lot more for me to explore in the game and I will have to do a livestream playing it at some point. Please keep an eye on my YouTube channel to catch me rolling in a big machine.

Construction Simulator Screenshot 4

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