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Diamond Heist

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We received a review copy of the game Diamond Heist from Yulu for free to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

Most games that we have been playing lately have to do with cards and dice or more cards and more dice. This game is quite different. In Diamond Heist you and your team must infiltrate a thief’s lair and retrieve a stolen diamond. Your team consists of the 1-3 other family members or friends who are playing the game. The game can be done with 2 players but it is much more fun with 4 players in total. Each player gets a ring that is connected to a string that is connected to a spy code agent. They are all attached to the SAME Spy Code agent. By working together you need to disarm a booby trap, 4 video cameras and then open the vault and get the diamond to the getaway car before the guards show up. The game requires good coordination among the team as well as some hand-eye coordination to accomplish the tasks. There is a lot of give and take in the gameplay.

The Spy Code agent on the strings has a grappling hook and that spins around a bit so it can be rather challenging to accomplish the tasks set out before you. Moving and shifting and then everyone pulling together to dislodge a camera is a fun part of the game. Once we got on the same page with what we meant by “give some slack” and “put some tension on your line” things went smoother. Allison and I said those things and we immediately knew what they meant and what each other meant by that but Andy and Eva didn’t quite understand. Once we explained that we had common language to use for what we wanted to accomplish and it was a smoother go of it. The game is a fun , just make sure that you keep the Spy Code agent untangled between gameplay. That can become a task in itself if you are not careful.

The game goes for around $20 and can be found through our affiliate link below if you were so inclined to purchase.

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