Review: Disney’s Tangled Dolls Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

Having just recently returned from the Disney parks on a family vacation and having seen the concept art for Disney’s upcoming movie Tangled I was pretty excited to receive these Tangled Dolls from Mattel. There are two dolls in this review, the Rapunzel Doll and the Flynn Rider Doll.

Rapunzel – This sweet doll has the charm and innocence of Rapunzel, a girl who has been locked away in a tower for years and who has 70 – 75 feet of magical hair. This doll comes with a dress, tiara, hair extension and a comb. Her hair is really long but can be combed. I know, I spent the morning combing many of Eva’s Disney Princess Dolls’ hair including Rapunzel. Rapunzel was welcomed into the fold with open arms, Eva’s already taken her dress off and let Jasmine try it on. Flynn Rider has stood in for Prince Charming and Prince Eric too. Eva is having fun with the doll is what I am saying.

What I like about this doll. – I like that Rapunzel’s shoes are on pretty securely and don’t just fall right off like other Princess shoes. Believe me, when I am cleaning up around the house I find so many doll accessories like shoes that I’m thinking of opening a second hand store for doll clothes and random doll shoes. I also like how the tiara is held onto Rapunzel’s head. I was smart his time and didn’t cut it off because once you do the tiara never goes back on right, never.

Flynn Rider – The dashing Flynn Rider is a thief who stumbles upon Rapunzel’s tower and figures that he’ll steal some treasure. The doll comes with a plastic “leather” stachel, belt, boots and then some treasures that Rapunzel can wear like a necklace and such. I told Eva that I he was a thief and was going to take the rest of the princesses jewels and she got upset. I had to quickly tell her that he learns that stealing is wrong, she was good with that. We played with the dolls for a good long while, making up stories and such. She insisted that he have a horse (because of the trailer) and so Flynn Rider found himself riding a small unicorn.

What I liked about this doll. – Flynn Rider is a boy and as such has painted on hair (no combing, YAY) and they even painted on a little chin beard for him. He is really pose-able, much more so that Rapunzel. I had thought he was a bit too loose but as I played with him more I saw that he could actually stand and bend his knees and arms. He can move around way more than Rapunzel and so he’s pretty fun to actually play with. The accessories for him are good too, his tunic and pants are good and the boots are nice, he can stand without help too.

I think these two dolls are good additions to any Disney Princess fans out there, they are well made, good playability and ready for kids to reenact the story of Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled.

Disclosure: I was provided with this toy to review. Opinions are 100% mine.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Disney’s Tangled Dolls Rapunzel and Flynn Rider”

  1. Nice review! I was in the Disney Store tonight (shocking…I know) and saw an assortment of the Rapunzel stuff. They had the costume and even a cute hair piece that looks like a crown with a long braid…adorable:) It looks like Eva is having fun!!

    1. Mo,

      Eva carried those dolls around all of Sunday and Monday. Pretty fun. They have this thing now where they have an american girl sort of Disney princess doll/dress combo. We are looking at that for Christmas for Eva. Maybe Cinderella or Belle.

      1. I think I have seen that at the park…is it like a little girl doll and all sorts of costumes? Let me know because I get the P-holder discount…it’s not much but there are also some days that they have special P-holder extra discount days-like “friends and family.” 🙂

        The Rapunzel stuff is really cute…I was very tempted yesterday in the store to get Gina some of it for her birthday-but I had to cut myself off at the Mulan costume and crown! Cutting myself off with that stuff is never easy…but I do have to pay rent and I’m sure they are not going to let me start living in the Castle anytime soon:)

        1. Mo,

          It really is hard to cut yourself off. I tend to overdo it with things for Eva even when we are drowning in princes tiaras and such. I still think the bigger dolls would be fun for her but don’t want her to be all about getting every single one though.

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