Review: Funny Farm Bank

The other day I received a Funny Farm Bank from Zillionz. This is a fun little bank that helps kids save money. In our case it is a game that Eva loves to play and then asks me to open the door to the change so that she can play again and again.

The farm has 7 animals and slots to put in coins. There is a simple mode that allows you just to put the coins in the slots and have the animals pop out and make their sounds. There is also a great little sound that places. Then there is a “find-the-animal” mode where an animal sound is made and the kid needs to find the right animal. If they find the right animal then all the animals make their sounds. If they find the wrong animal then a “Whaa-Whaa” sound is played. Kids can play over and over until all their change is in the bank.

The one thing that I found some difficulty with is that it was hard for Eva to put the coins into the slots. The slots are tight and hard to push the coins into for small hands. The slots should be a little looser so little kids can put the coins in without knocking over the farm. Eva needs to hold the farm while she puts the coins in the slots. Other than that small thing I enjoy the Funny Farm and Eva loves it. I have to bring her home a coin or two each day so she can play.

Disclosure: I was given this product free from Zillionz through Child’s Play PR. The opinions about this product are 100% mine.

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